Friday, 2 February 2018

Corrie film Pat Phelan's death scenes

The tabloids have today revealed how Pat Phelan is going to die - and they say that it's his missus, Eileen who kills him when she chucks him off a cliff.

The newspaper reports today say that Phelan and Eileen are on a seaside break where Phelan attacks Eileen.  During their argument, Phelan will lunge at Eileen, but she will turn the tables and toss her husband into the crashing waves.  

Sounds dramatic but I think there might be more to it than this.

I'm guessing (and I may well be wrong) but I think that we'll be left in some doubt then as to whether Eileen does indeed kill him or whether he falls, or indeed, maybe even takes his own life.  Because to have Eileen on the Street as a murderer herself, means that she'd have to leave, as is the way of soap. And that couldn't happen, not to Eileen!  

Well, that's my half-baked theory, what's yours?

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Anonymous said...

C in Canada:
Oh good on Eileen! I hope this ‘argument’ comprises of all the dastardly things he’s done so she’s left in no doubt of his evilness!

Wim Lammens said...

They can easily have Eileen push him off her in self-defence, causing him to fall... I doubt anyone will mind or blame Eileen. Certainly not the viewers.

Eryn Clarke said...

First of all to have Pat attack Eileen it’s got to be over a major turn around in her side. She’s doubted him before and gone back to him. In his eyes he has fully hoodwinked her. She is his best and perfect con.
If she kills him it has to be in self defence, but maybe it would be great soap land irony to have Gary arrive and save her! Nicola and Gary take off after the two when they discover evidence of everything in the House on the cobbles.

Antiphon said...

As I have already said, if this is indeed how Phelan is going to die it seems far too quick and convenient a death in comparison with what he did to Andy, Vinny and Luke and the way in which he expoloited and persecuted Anna resulting in her false imprisonment.

If he does indeed die in this way I hope it is because Eileen finally realises exactly what sort of man she has married and that all the loose ends are tied up after his demise including the exoneration of Anna, about whom he lied in court. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen though.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

I think the comment that he won't actually be killed when Eileen pushes him into the water is right on the mark. He'll come back when and where least expected and there will be some further showdown and drama. Same thing as happened with John Stape and (in a different way) with Tony. It's the path these story lines follow--each time we think he's going to be exposed (Luke, Seb's testimony), he gets away, but exposure comes a little closer. He'll resurface after the showdown with Eileen, most likely for a final confrontation with his daughter, and perhaps Gary.

susanr said...

I would like to see her push him off, with Gary & Tim running up behind. As they look down the cliff, they see his lifeless body and agree to never talk about him again. BUT as they walk away, the camera pans down and all you see is a bloody hand reach for a rock but then it slides back into the ocean.

Is he really dead or will he one day come back!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if after Phelan is pushed off the cliff we never actually find out if he has been killed or not and never see him again, therefore leaving all the various issues surrounding his crimes unresolved. I hope this does not happen as it would be a very disappointing ending where he never really gets his comeuppance. If it did happen this way it would also possibly give the writers the option of bringing the character back at some point in the future. Perish the thought!!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Phelan lunges at Eileen and she pushes him off, clearly it's self defence though there probably wouldn't be any witnesses. It would be in Corrie's interests to be unclear about whether Phelan's died because they want to hold on to Connor. Maybe he'd come back after a long rest to have a final confrontation with whoever Eileen finally believed. I don't see how he could return on a permanent basis, and it's a shame because Phelan could have been redeemed at several points along the storyline. It would be fitting for Eileen to be his downfall because she has protected him against all his accusers. Without Eileen making him seem like an ordinary bloke, he would have been twigged as a weirdo ages ago. I still wish he'd been paired with Liz as the chemistry would have been electric.

Anonymous said...

If Phelan dies without everyone knowing ALL of his crimes, I will just stop watching. I also want Eileen out, so if she gets put away for murder, all well and good.

But first I want to see her face when the truth comes out. Also the faces of people like Sally, who has been awful to Tim, and stupid Alya who still thinks Luke was killed by racists.

Anonymous said...

If Phelan dies and doesn't come clean about what he did to Anna (at least), then she'll end up staying in prison because Seb's credibility has already been destroyed and nothing he'd say would matter without Phelan collaborating it.

I bet this is what is going to happen, as there's no sign of any more scenes with Anna being filmed. I wouldn't be surprised if the truth of the murders doesn't come out either, at least until after he's dead.

As for his death, I figure that Eileen will finally see or hear something that he can't easily worm his way out of. He won't try to kill her though (as she's one of the only people he actually cares about) but the struggle will end with him falling off the cliff.

Anonymous said...

If Eileen does push Phelan off a cliff,just as Anna was convicted of a crime she didn't commit,I want to see Eileen also convicted of a crime she didn't commit murder even though it will probably be self defense.
Anna tried to warn Eileen about Phelan being a monster to no avail and after seeing Eileen 'pleased' that Anna was found guilty,I think it's only fair that Eileen suffers the same fate as Anna.

Anonymous said...

To be perfectly honest I have already stopped watching Corrie as I couldn't take any more of Phelan and his framing of Anna was the last straw. I consult this blog instead to find out the latest developments on the program.

As has already been suggested, I think it is quite possible or even probable that Phelan will die without admitting that he framed Anna and that she will therefore remain in prison, and also that the whole truth relating to the murders may never come out either. There certainly is no sign of any other scenes with Anna being filmed, at least not in the immediate future. However, I suppose that the bodies of one or more of Phelan's victims would have to be discovered first and linked to him before it would occur to anyone that he may also have lied at Anna's trial. If Phelan dies it may even be some time before he is definitely linked to any of his victims, if at all.

If the short film she recorded on Instagram is anything to go by, Debbie Rush seems to have no intention of returning to Corrie. However, she has also said that while in prison Anna will be thinking of some way to bring Phelan down. Some people have speculated that this may hint at her returning eventually. I am not sure about this; it may be purely a red herring.

If Eileen does eventually find out that her husband is a murderer and an intensely evil man it may just occur to her that Anna's warnings to her were correct and she may do something to try to help Anna, although I would not bet on this happening. It would even be acceptable if Anna was simply released from prison offscreen without Debbie Rush reprising the role. And if Gary and Nichola eventually discover some kind of evidence linking Phelan with his crimes is Gary just going to sit back and let his mother remain in prison without making some attempt to get her case reviewed?

If Phelan is eventually linked to ALL of his crimes, including his framing of Anna and possibly also the part he played in the death of Michael Rodwell, I may begin to watch the program again, but not otherwise.

To be Frank it wouldn't really bother me if Eileen was imprisoned as her blind loyalty to her revolting husband has really made me angry.

Sissy Frank said...

Yeah, about time Martin returns. David has needed him!

Anonymous said...

Well finally Eileen does him in . She may get sometime but self defence will get her out . Her and Anna work stuff out in cell block H. The murders come to light . The girls get out have a bevie at the Rovers ,all's well with the world. But is Phelan really dead the body was never found !!!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares how it's done, just get rid of Pat Phelan already! Such an old story, already.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit sceptical about all this. Are we sure that this will be the way that Phelan gets his comeuppance? The recent "shock" episodes about Vinny and Andy's deaths and also now Luke, have been just that, a shock. No spoilers were leaked about these episodes, they were kept closely under wraps until the episodes were aired. Which is why I feel too much info has been leaked already about Phelan's demise. I really thought Kate Oates et al would've kept their cards very close to their chests on this one. Maybe one big red herring? Who knows?

Val said...

Whatever happens to him I just hope he gets found out for all his dasterdly deeds and the truth comes out. What I don't want to see is Phelan getting away with it right up to the grizzly end! That really would be annoying!!

Anonymous said...

If I were Eileen, I would just poison his 'builder's tea' - that should do the job! She should get away with it quite easily, when you see what he has gotten away with?

Anonymous said...

So are the writers into cliff scenes now, with Peter pushing Billy off the cliff, now Eileen pushing Pat over the cliff. As the saying goes things happen in three’s so who is next I wonder

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