Thursday, 30 April 2015

State of the Street - April 2015

There's been a lot packed into this past month, hasn't there? Faye had a baby, Owen and Katy left town, Sarah and Bethany returned. Callum is still badgering David and there doesn't seem to be an end to this tedious storyline. I'm hoping Kylie will kick some backside when she returns and I'm looking forward to that! Sinead has come home and Chesney is still looking miserable. Carla and Nick seem to be circling around each other. More and more people are finding out that Gavin is Andy and Michael will likely be the last to know.

Gail married her fifth husband in her sixth wedding. We all wonder if she's going to dig into the trunk of widow's weeds if Michael keels over in shock when he finds out about Gavin. That's inevitable, the finding out bit. The keeling over bit is yet to be discerned.

Tony and Tracy have begin their takeover bid to be masters of the backstreet pub. Please don't let this happen! Something has to happen to out the whole scheme in time to save the pub from a fate worse than death! In one of my favourite storylines, Jenny Bradley is starting to come slightly unhinged around the edges but nobody but Sophie can see it yet.

All this and more on this month's State of the Street.

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Coronation Street Blog Quiz: Answers

Thank you to everyone who competed in the blog quiz last week, that asked you to guess the Corrie years in the collage.

The answers were as follows:

1. 1995 (Bet and Rita showdown) - all 6 commenters were correct.
2. 2009 (The Barlows at the AA meeting) - all 6 commenters were correct.
3. 2001 (Alma's death) - all 6 commenters were correct.
4. 1989 (Brian's death) - 5 commenters were correct. 
5. 1998 (Deirdre in court) - 5 commenters were correct. 
6. 1967 (Elsie and Steve's wedding) - all 6 commenters were correct.
7. 2002 (Hillman tries to kill Emily) - 2 commenters were correct.
8. 1978 (Ernest's murder) - 5 commenters were correct.
9. 1987 (Hilda's exit) - 4 commenters were correct.

Congratulations to Chris who managed to get all the correct answers. Well done!

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Nasty surprise for Fiz's return to Coronation Street

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Daily Star that says Fiz returns home to Coronation Street only to find her house being burgled. 

As with all tabloid spoilres, take it with a pinch of salt.

And it looks like the burglar is Tracy Barlow's ex-husband Robert Preston, accompanied by another thief.

The Star says that Tyrone and Luke will get involved in a fake T-shirt scam run by Robert but when the deal turns sour, Luke is desperate to get his money back. He steals from Robert who, in a revenge attack, bursts into Tyrone's house - where Luke is staying - and starts nicking stuff.

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Coronation Street meets Frozen

Am I the only Coronation Street fan who thinks this?

Maybe I need to get out? Answers on a postcard, please.

It's just that every time I see a picture of the two cartoon characters from Frozen, above, it always puts me in mind of these two, below...

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ITV Job Vacancy - Editorial Assistant at Coronation Street

Editorial Assistant – Coronation Street

An exciting permanent opportunity has become available to support our script department with all areas of script production, ensuring deadlines are met and continuity issues identified and resolved.

Monitoring and updating our Story database, you will format and input all writers information and cast details. You will ensure that all relevant departments are kept informed of any changes in the script process and that all required script information is readily available. Writing weekly billings to summarise the main strands in each episode, you will also amend and distribute the scripts. When required, you will also support our Researcher, highlighting issues with draft scripts.

Our Editorial Assistant will have knowledge of scripts and processes, with editorial judgement and an eye for detail. Methodical and flexible, you will be creative in your approach to problem solving. You will thrive in a fast paced environment, working to tight deadlines and changing priorities.

Liaising with varying departments, you will possess excellent interpersonal skills and confidentiality is an absolute must. Knowledge of the production process and Coronation Street is essential, as is the flexibility to work long hours if required. You will also have in depth experience of the Microsoft packages and experience would be an advantage.

A background in continuing drama would be beneficial.

If you’re up for the challenge and strive to develop yourself editorially, apply now!

Closing date: 10th May 2015

Full details at
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Four characters returning to Coronation Street

With so many comings and goings on Coronation Street at the moment, this blog post clarifies which Corrie characters are returning to the show.

You can read about new characters coming into the show and characters who are leaving.

Returning characters this year as confirmed by ITV are as follows:

Peter Barlow

Brian Packham

Tracy Barlow's ex-husband Robert Preston. The show are casting for a new actor to play the role.

We also know that Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev Alahan, is on an official break from the show, and as far as we know, will be returning some time.

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Two new characters for Coronation Street

With four actors leaving Coronation Street later this year, one taking a break and one beloved characters being written out- read all about them here - there are also some new faces coming into the cobbles. 

There are plenty of comings and goings on the cobbles this summer so this blog post clarifies who will be joining the show.  Both signings have been confirmed by ITV.

Pop star Sarah Harding will join the show in a guest role.

Comedy actor Paddy McGuiness will join the show for six weeks in a guest role as a fitness instructor this summer.

See also:  Four characters returning to Coronation Street

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Four characters leaving Coronation Street

There has been a lot of casting news around Coronation Street recently with comings and goings and I felt it was time to clarify who was leaving. 

As far as we know, these are the characters who have been confirmed by ITV as leaving the show.

Kal Nazir

Julie Carp

Maddie Heath

Andrea Beckett

Also leaving for a break when actress Samia Smith goes on maternity leave later this year, will be Maria Connor.

And of course, our beloved Deirdre will be written out this summer too in what will be a very emotional Corrie exit. Her funeral has been written, Chris Gascoyne will be returning as Peter Barlow and the funeral will screen this summer.

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Paddy McGuinness joins Coronation Street in guest role

Comedy actor Paddy McGuinness will join Coronation Street in a guest role for six weeks this summer.

Paddy will turn up in Corrie as wilderness survival enthusiast Dougie Ryan who meets up with the Tinkers and Dobbs on a camping holiday.
It isn’t long before Dougie is putting Kirk, Beth, Craig, Chesney, Sinead, Tyrone and Fiz through their paces with hilarious consequence, as he shames the boys with his expertise in all things outdoors.

Dougie will be on holiday with his teenage daughter Caitlin who strikes up an unlikely friendship with loveable Craig Tinker.

Paddy said:“Being asked to appear in Coronation Street was a very special moment for me. I remember Peter (Kay) telling me how much he enjoyed his guest spot on the show (as Eric Gartside, the brewery drayman) and I can't wait to get started. It's an iconic and much loved show, not just in the UK but around the world. The character I'll be playing is very funny and I'm sure the Corrie fans will love him.”

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 29 April

Wednesday 29th April
NICK UNCOVERS SARAH AND CALLUM’S SECRET When Sarah lectures Callum on his parenting skills, the chemistry between them doesn’t go unnoticed by Carla, who later tells Nick how friendly they seemed in the gym. When Callum buys Bethany a new phone, Sarah worries about how she will explain the new phone to David; but when Callum follows her out into the Rovers backyard, Sarah can’t resist and they kiss passionately - only to be caught in the act by Nick!
SOPHIE FEELS SHE’S THE LONE VOICE OF REASON Kevin reassures Jenny when she apologises for causing trouble between him and Sophie, telling her that if anyone is at fault it’s Sophie. Sophie is stubborn when Sally and Tim try but fail to persuade her to make amends with her dad, vowing that she isn’t the one in the wrong!
SINEAD’S GET-UP-AND-GO PLEASES CHESNEY Sinead is thrilled when Alya and Izzy ask her to make a bespoke basque for Alya’s first order and Chesney is delighted to see Sinead so upbeat.
ELSEWHERE Nick and Carla enjoy one another’s company at a wine tasting session. When Roy cooks a curry for Tyrone, Luke and Gary, Tyrone suggests they have a curry challenge.

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Rebecca in Padiham

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Coronation Street fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Coronation Street fan of the week? All details here.

Who are you and where are you from?
I'm Rebecca from Padiham.

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I've been watching corrie for about 25 years.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
My favourite female character is Fiz, I love her personality and my favourite male character is Sean, he makes me laugh.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
My favourite storylines have definitely been the tram crash and Tina's murder. 

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?My fantasy storyline would be a story line with me starring in it.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Deirdre's trifle scene nominated for British Soap Award

Voting in this year's British Soap Awards is open on the shortlisted nomintions now. Fans can vote for Best Soap, Best Actor and Best Actress. Vote here if you haven't already.

For Best Soap Scene, one of the nominations is one of Deidre's final scenes before Anne Kirkbride passed away earlier this year.  It's the trifle throwing scene.  We can't vote on this category, sadly, but you can relive the scene by the wonders of YouTube, below.

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Bradley Winnings

Last night Jenny Bradley went from "quirky" to "psycho hose beast" in the course of an hour.  One minute she was Mary Poppins, floating around on a happy cloud of childminding love, the next she's bawling at passers by in the street, lying through her teeth, and belting the neighbours.  And yet my sympathies were always with her, not the victims of her rage.  How did that happen?

The easy answer is, she was smacking Maria in the face, and let's be honest, Maria could do with a bit of a slap every few months.  The more in depth answer is that Jenny Bradley is just plain ace.  Sally-Ann Matthews has been fantastic from the minute she returned to the Street.  She has an advantage, I suppose, in that it was all pretty familiar to her; a lot of the cast were around in her day, and the set might have moved to Salford but it still looks pretty much the same.

But on top of this, she's been a fascinating character.  A bit funny, a bit clever, a bit mouthy.  She's mellowed since she was last here - as you would hope anyone would after 20 years - but she's still recognisably the Jenny Bradley who left the Street during the John Major premiership.  There's a darkness there, of course.  We should remember that she was orphaned at an early age - her mum died in a car crash, and her dad turned out to be a nasty criminal who ended up under a Blackpool tram.  That's a not insignificant amount of youthful trauma to go through.

On top of that, her over-reactions to Jack's illnesses hint at a horrible secret.  I've avoided the spoilers, so I don't know what she's hiding, but I'm guessing at a dead child somewhere in her past.  I hope whatever it is comes out in a sympathetic way, and that Jenny gets the help she needs to overcome her demons.  I'd rather see that than, for example, a melodramatic kidnap of Jack followed by her falling into the canal.  I'd rather see her bond with Rita, put their differences aside, become like a mother and daughter again.  Since Dennis has gone forever, it'd be nice to give La Knox something to do. Perhaps she could take a job in the Kabin, or in the cafe now Anna is off playing happy families.  I'd like to see her behind the bar of the Rovers, not least because Sarah-Lou is grossly overqualified for that position (also, how can she see over the beer pumps?  Do they have a box back there for her?).

Basically, I want Jenny to stick around, because she's pretty marvelous.  No doubt Sophie Webster: Girl Detective will turn up some crucial evidence before long (I'd love to know what she expected to find in Jenny's handbag: a bloodied knife?  A detailed floor plan of a bank?  A copy of Child Rearing The Rosemary West Way?).  I hope, when she does, the revelation isn't completely destructive to Jenny and her burgeoning relationship with Kevin.

Alternatively she could just punch Maria in the chin every other week.  That'd cheer me up too.

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Hayley Tamaddon to leave Coronation Street

ITV today is bringing us the news that the next actor to leave Corrie is Hayley Tamaddon who plays Andrea Beckett. Hayley has been in the Street for two years after initially only expecting to be on screen for three months. Her exit storyline is expected to be tied in to the story leading up to the live episode in September. Her exit will be left open in case she ever wants to return.

Hayley says  "I will be so sad to leave, I have had the best two years of my life here. It really is one big family. Everyone looks out for each other and I’ve made some incredible friends."

Stuart Blackburn added "Hayley has brought real magic to the Corrie cobbles - funny, energetic, totally professional and a joy to be around as a friend and colleague alike, she'll be sorely missed and I'd simply like to wish her all the very best for the future.”

While there have been a lot of our readers that haven't enjoyed Andrea on the show, I think she's always been a breath of fresh air. It does seem, though, since her main storyline ended with the exit of Andrea's ex-husband, Neil, and later with Craig Charles' absence from the show last fall, Andrea has been under used and they've not really known what to do with her.

We at Blog Towers wish Hayley Tamaddon all the very best!

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, May 4 - 8

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday May 4 Friday May 8

David absconds with Max and Lily but Max disappears, Billy decides to resign as vicar, Todd reports Mary’s motor home to the council, Steve makes a new canine friend.

The full weekly preview, with pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates 

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 27 April

I am absolutely loving the return of Jenny Bradley. What an asset to the cobbles she is. Sally Ann Mathews is a fine actor and can convey emotion impressively through her facial expressions and body language.

There is something really intriguing going on. We saw Jenny on the phone to work, last week, telling them that she couldn’t come in. She does this when she hears that Jack’s child-minder will be out of action with a broken leg for some time. Having effectively resigned from her job, she is free to take on full time care of Jack. She tells Kevin that work has let her go.

Why, exactly is Jenny so on edge and sensitive about anything to do with little Jack? And why is she so keen to conceal her anxieties about Jack to Kevin? Regarding these mysteries, there has been much speculation. Has Jenny suffered the loss of a child? Did she have her children taken from her? For abuse? Neglect? The father run off with them? Or did she have several miscarriages or a still birth or can she not have children? Or is it something else entirely?

Thankfully though, Jenny does seem genuinely fond of Jack and doesn’t seem to be a danger to him – at least not yet. At the moment she seems to want to wrap him up in cotton wool. He seems happy to be with her too.

When Jenny accidentally bumps into Maria, Jenny’s reaction is fierce. No harm is done but Jenny rounds on Maria as if she deliberately wanted to cause harm. Our reaction to Jenny is reflected in Maria’s reaction. Then when Jack and Liam are playing together, Jenny is beyond angry when she sees Liam hitting Jack and is determined to tell Maria how awful Liam is. She asks Rita to keep an eye on Jack while Jenny bursts into Audrey’s salon and tells Maria that she’s, ‘not teaching him how to behave properly.’ Maria is badly shocked but there’s more to come - Jenny slaps Maria hard across the face. Maria is shocked, as are we.  Jenny looks wild, intense and insane. Where is this fury coming from? 

Sophie is highly suspicious of her dad’s new girlfriend, understandably so. Jenny tells Kevin that she wasn’t the one who hit Maria first, but that it was, in fact, Maria who assaulted her first. Though she shouldn’t have, Sophie rummages through Jenny’s bag and discovers Jenny’s work badge. She actually rings the employer and discovers that she didn’t get the push, as she had claimed, but that she left of her own accord. The trouble is that Jenny discovers Sophie looking in her bag, which is inexcusable. This turns her dad and Maddie against her. Sophie is so frustrated that no one believes her. On hearing from Luke the story that Jenny is putting out that it was Maria who assaulted her,  Maria arrives in the pub to tell the truth. She says to Jenny, ‘Are you off your head? Are you denying you hit me? You’re tapped in the head. You’re lucky I didn’t phone the police.’ She adds, ‘You want to watch yourself with her Kev.’

Sophie decides to visit Maria to tell her that she, Sophie, believes her. Kevin though is putting his foot down. Jenny’s ‘ All I’m trying to do is help,’ convinces Kevin. So yes, it’s true - love is blind. Norris though concludes that, ‘Both women are of questionable repute.’ But, no offence, he does want Dean Martin and Acker Bilk on the juke-box. And who can dislike Stranger on the Shore?

Chesney channels his inner Othello and becomes jealous of Sam who Sinead became friendly with in hospital. Jealousy is clearly not a rational emotion, so it is no use being cross with him. Sam gives Sinead a goodbye present, which really bothers Chesney, but is in fact a very sweet gesture. Later he also returns Sinead’s pyjamas. Sam sees that Chesney is upset and calms him down. Sam tells Chesney that Sinead is a lucky girl to have as good a boyfriend as Chesney is. Sam says he’ll not get in their way, but will he keep his promise?

Of course, Sarah is now a barmaid in The Rovers. She succeeds in persuading Liz that she needs her. Her new job is perfect for Callum. She can’t walk away and so he can talk to her as often as he likes, now she is caught behind the bar.

Bethany is starting her education at Weatherfield Comprehensive. She chooses to begin her studies in bright red lipstick and a very short skirt. Uncle Nick comes over all paternal and tells her a few home truths, while disapproving of her skirt length and make up. He even produces the classic, ‘Get that muck off your face.’

There is still clearly an attraction on Nick’s part at least, to Carla. In Roy’s Rolls Bethany shouts out, ‘Hi Carla!’ For someone fourteen years old, she certainly has confidence and thinks it’s alright to leave ‘the zoo’ when she sees fit, though has promised to return tomorrow.  On leaving the cafĂ©, she says to her mother, ‘Let’s give the lovebirds some privacy.’ Cheeky or bold?

Carla sees Chesney on a bench and says to him, ‘The last thing that girl needs is you moping around with a face like that.’ Well said Carla and we know her too well to just be asking after Sinead to see when she will be returning to Underworld. Shame on you Chesney. Oh - And the pig was a good idea but the nightie? Really? Never mind, you meant well.

I’m rather looking forward to the friendship between Cathy and Roy, though she doesn’t accept his offer of taking her for a drink. We know she has lost her husband recently and often loss of confidence goes hand in hand with a bereavement. As Roy goes upstairs to change his cardigan, Cathy disappears. He finds her at the bus stop, but before he can call her a taxi, she has set off walking. 

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 27 April

Monday 27th April
MARIA’S GOBSMACKED BY JENNY’S ACTIONS When Jenny accidentally walks into Maria, Maria is slightly annoyed but is shocked when Jenny angrily bites back. Later, as Liam and Jack play together, Jenny is furious when she catches Liam hitting Jack and vows to tell Maria how badly behaved her son was. But when a row ensues in the salon Jenny ends up slapping Maria in the face, leaving Maria completely stunned!
CHESNEY’S GREEN EYED MONSTER SURFACES As Sinead prepares to leave the hospital for home, Chesney is overcome with jealousy when Sam hands her a parting gift. When Sam later tips up at No.5 to return Sinead’s favourite pyjamas, Chesney feels pushed out.
SARAH AND BETHANY CONTINUE TO CLASH Sarah is horrified when Bethany appears ready for her first day at Weatherfield High in a short skirt and bright red lipstick.
ELSEWHERE Sophie’s suspicious of Jenny and curiosity gets the better of her when she goes rifling through Jenny’s bag to dig up some dirt. But when Jenny catches her, how will she react? And Sharif leaves Roy to do his dirty work.

Monday 27th April
SOPHIE PAINTS HERSELF INTO A CORNER Sophie is still suspicious of Jenny and doesn’t believe her when she tells them all that it was Maria who slapped her, and not vice versa. But when Sophie tries to tell her dad the truth about Jenny, he refuses to believe her when she tells him that Jenny lied about the fight with Maria and that Jenny wasn’t sacked from her job at all - she quit. Desperate for someone to believe her, Sophie tries to get Maddie on side but when even she thinks Sophie is over reacting, Sophie storms off to her mum’s.
JEALOUS CHESNEY FINDS AN UNLIKELY CONFIDANTE Chesney struggles to hide his jealousy towards Sam. Picking up on this, Sam makes his excuses and leaves - but not before Sinead makes him promise to visit again. But when Sam approaches Chesney outside the chippy, Chesney is pacified when Sam tells him that Sinead is lucky to have such a loving boyfriend and promises to stay out of the way.
SARAH’S THE NEW FACE BEHIND THE ROVERS Sarah manages to talk Steve round and becomes the latest barmaid to grace the Rovers Return, which gives Callum the perfect opportunity to flirt with her over the bar. Meanwhile Bethany’s unfazed when Nick reads her the riot act about going back to school.
ELSEWHERE Cathy calls to see Roy in the cafe but quickly leaves in a hurry when Roy suggests a drink in the Rovers.

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Vote for Corrie! British Soap Awards shortlist announced

The shortlist has been announced in this year's British Soap Awards. The 17th annual awards, will take place in Manchester at the Palace Theatre on Saturday 16th May, airing on ITV a few days later. It will be hosted by Phillip Schofield

For full details on categories and voting please go to

The categories in which Coronation Street is nominated are as follows.

Coronation Street

BEST ACTOR (Last year’s winner was David Neilson – Coronation Street)
Coronation Street:         Simon Gregson         (Steve McDonald)
Coronation Street:         David Neilson             (Roy Cropper)

(Last year’s winner was Julie Hesmondhalgh - Coronation Street)
Coronation Street:        Alison King            (Carla Connor)

Coronation Street:         Sean Ward            (Callum Logan) 

Coronation Street:        Sean Ward            (Callum Logan)
BEST COMEDY PERFORMANCE (Last year’s winner was Simon Gregson – Coronation Street)
Coronation Street:        Sally Dynevor            (Sally Webster)

BEST STORYLINE (Last year’s winner was Hayley’s Cancer – Coronation Street)
Coronation Street:        Steve and Michelle, Hearts And Minds   
BEST SINGLE EPISODE (Last year’s winner was Hayley’s Death)
Coronation Street:        Rob’s Confession

BEST DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE (Last year’s winner was David Neilson)
Coronation Street:         Simon Gregson        (Steve McDonald)

BEST ON-SCREEN PARTNERSHIP (Last year’s winners were David Neilson & Julie Hesmondhalgh)
Coronation Street:        Sally Dynevor & Joe Duttine (Sally Webster & Tim Metcalfe)                       

Coronation Street:        Ellie Leach            (Faye Windass)     

Coronation Street:        Deirdre Throws The Trifle        


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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Corrie weekly awards for April 20 - 24

Keystone Cops award: Callum threatened to set Gemma and Macca on Andy if he fell out of line again. Oooh. I'm so scared. Or not. A real drug dealer would have left David in pieces but this one punched him once, didn't break a rib and then drove him home!

You must be new here award: Loved the scene with Andy trying to dissuade David from the drugs plan. He didn't think David would actually go through with the threat to tell. He didn't think David would want to hurt his mother. David just snorted with amusement. Later Gail was completely unwilling to think David had anything to do with he and Andy not showing up to the party. You're both new, right?

Workshy award: Sharif would rather bribe the new allotment neighbour with turnips than do the heavy lifting!

Musical Ambiance: Born to Run at the birthday party. I bet Andy wishes he could have run before Callum caught him in the car!
"At Last" playing at Gail's sixth wedding reception, after her second and, this time, successful attempt to marry Michael.

Dead Woman Walking. Good grief, that reporter was the spit of Tina McIntyre!

Pants on Fire award: Jenny.

Gentle Award: Lovely, quiet scenes between Roy and his new friend on the allotment, sharing a cuppa and having a chat.

Phantom memories: Jenny reckons Norris is one of those that have long memories, regarding her is what she was implying. But Norris would only ever know of Jenny what Rita told him. He never met her before.

Art is in the eye of the beholder aka snobbery knows no bounds: Roy played right into Sally's snobbery by suggesting the graffiti might actually be crafted by a famed artist.

Lines of the week:
Sally "I have no desire to be down with the house boys"
Nick "Mum always gets wound up before a wedding" (you'd think she would be used to it by now!)
David "Tonight, Matthew, I'm gonna be a junkie!"
Sharif "Why couldn't you have tried to bribe her with a couple of turnips?"
Gail "I'm a cleaner not a hit man for MI5"
David "I hold my hands up, or I would if I could"
Sharif "Sensitivity is my middle name" (you have more than one, then?)
Bethany "That's child abuse, that is." David "Not yet, it isn't"
Bethany "You pick a bloke out of a police line-up and 12 months later they're walking you down the aisle!", David "Classic boy meets girl"
Norris about Michael "I wonder if he'll carry her over the threshold or just jimmy an upstairs window"

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adam barlow aidan connor alan halsall alex bain alexander bain alison king alison sinclair all about soap awards alma baldwin amy barlow amy kelly andrea beckett andy whyment anna windass antony cotton audrey roberts awards baby Oliver barbara knox barlows battleaxes becky mcdonald behind the scenes ben price ben tagoe bet gilroy bet lynch beth tinker bethany platt betty driver betty turpin betty williams betty's hotpot bev callard beverley callard bill roache billy mayhew billy the vicar blanche hunt brian packham brooke vincent bruno langley can i visit the coronation street set Canada canadian coronation street fans carla connor Cath Tyldesley catherine tyldesley cathy matthews celebrities on coronation street characters joining coronation street characters leaving coronation street cherylee houston chesney brown chris gascoyne chris harper claire king classic corrie clothes worn on coronation street colson smith competition connor mcintyre conversation street coronation street coronation street art coronation street babies Coronation Street Blog - the book coronation street cartoons coronation street fan events coronation street fan of the week coronation street fans coronation street funerals coronation street history coronation street in canada coronation street look-a-like coronation street map coronation street men coronation street merchandise coronation street news coronation street preview coronation street spoilers coronation street weekly update coronation street weekly updates coronation street writers craig tinker damon alexis-rochefort damon rochefort daniel brocklebank daran little david neilson david platt debbie oates debbie rush debbie webster deirdre barlow deirdre hunt denise osbourne derek griffiths dev alahan eileen derbyshire eileen grimshaw Elle Mulvaney ellie leach ellie-louise leach elsie tanner emily bishop emily nugent ena sharples erica stewart exclusive interview exercise dvds famous people who have been in corrie fat brenda favourite females favourite males faye windass feckless fellas in coronation street filming locations filming mistakes fiz brown fiz stape florizel street flying ducks gail rodwell gary windass gary's army diaries gay and lesbians gay men in coronation street gay men in soaps gay women in soaps granada manchester coronation street set granada studios gurn of the week helen flanagan helen worth hilda ogden hilda ogden's curlers Hope Stape hot pot how to contact coronation street inside soap inside soap magazine izzy armstrong jack p shepherd Jack P. Shepherd jane danson jean alexander jennie mcalpine jigsaw jimmi harkishin job vacancies at coronation street joe duttine johnny connor jonathan harvey julie goodyear julie hesmondhalgh kabin kate fitzgerald kate ford katherine kelly kathy jones katie mcglynn ken barlow kev webster kevin webster kieran roberts kirk sutherland kylie platt kylie turner kym marsh leanne barlow leanne battersby leanne tilsley liam bairstow lily platt lisa george liz mcdonald lloyd mullaney Lucy Fallon luke britton maggie jones malcolm hebden manchester tart marc baylis maria connor mark llewellin martin sterling mary taylor matriachs maxine's bench michael le vell michelle connor mikey north mikey north miley windass minnie caldwell mothers on the cobbles music in the rovers nathan curtis new set new zealand newton and ridley nick tilsley nick's bistro nigel pivaro no.1 Coronation Street no.11 coronation street no.13 coronation street no.3 coronation street no.5 coronation street no.6 coronation street no.7 coronation street no.9 coronation street norris cole norris cole's brother nuttalls brewery odd side of the street official coronation street website oldham coliseum oliver battersby on location opening titles original cast our blog is the best blog in the world outside broadcast paper boys paper girls pat phelan pat phoenix patti claire patti clare paula lane peter barlow peter gunn pets on coronation street pictures of the coronation street set pigeons pillars of the community platt family plot holes props qasim akhtar quay street returning characters rita fairclough rita littlewood rita sullivan rita tanner road to coronation street rob donovan rob mallard romanian holiday rosamund street rosie webster rovers bosses rovers fire rovers return rovers return barmaids rovers return fire rovers return landlady roy and hayley roy cropper roy's rolls roys rolls ryan thomas sair khan sally webster sally and tim sally dynevor sally dyvenor Sally Metcalfe sally webster sally whittaker sam aston samia ghadie samia longchambon sarah platt Sarah-Louise Platt schmeichel sean tully shayne ward shelley king simon barlow simon crowther simon gregson sinead tinker six episodes per week sophie webster special effects speculation spin-off spoilers state of the street steve mcdonald storyline speculation storylines streetcars sue cleaver sue johnston sue nicholls susan barlow susan oudot sylvia cropper sylvia goodwin terry duckworth the corrie years the kabin the Nazirs the newspaper boy the road to coronation street through the years tim metcalfe tina o'bren tina o'brien Tina O’Brien tiricia hopkins todd grimshaw tony warren Tony Warren inspiration tours of coronation street toyah battersby tracy barlow trafford set tram crash tricia hopkins tyrone dobbs underworld underworld sign unofficial book unofficial merchandise unseen characters viaduct street victoria court fire vip bloggers walking tours watch coronation street online weatherfield weatherfield arms weatherfield council weatherfield county weatherfield county football club weatherfield fire station weatherfield gazette weatherfield haulage Weatherfield high Weatherfield Open Days weatherfield style weatherfield wayfarer websters' autos wedding wedding dress weddings weekly awards weekly update where have you seen william roache William Roache Interview window cleaners writers for soaps Yasmeen nazir zeedan nazir