Saturday, 31 May 2014

Listen: Les Dennis reveals all about Michael Rodwell on Corrie

Comedian Les Dennis was interviewed on the Graham Norton show today on BBC Radio 2.

He talks about playing Michael Rodwell on Coronation Street and says it's a dream come true being on the show. 

It's a good interview with lots of laughs and you can listen to it online here.  Les starts talking at 1 hr 30 mins in the show.

Michael Rodwell comes face to face with Gail again next week when she visits him in prison.  Les says that the storyline will pan out so that Gail will see in time that Micheal isn't the monster that she thinks he is.  However, he gets out of jail early and ends up on Gail's doorstep.  He says that there's a love letter involved which has been sent to him - but it might not have been sent to him from Gail.

Les also revealed that Michael will get some family on the show too.  His character will live in a bedsit and they're filming on the same estate where Shameless was filmed.

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Coronation Street weekly update - Rob with lead piping on the cobbles

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 2013
19 years in 19 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle
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Also for Kindle! Corrie weekly update writer and Coronation Street Blog editor Glenda Young's novel TRIPLE WHAMMY and her poetry book CANDY FLOSS GIRL NEEDED - APPLY WITHIN

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This was the week when Tina McIntyre fell from the balcony of her flat onto the cobbles below and now she’s in intensive care. She wasn’t pushed, exactly, but she did fall after a fight with Rob Donovan, who’d gone to her flat to tell her to leave Peter alone.  Tina, you’ll remember, was carrying on with Peter behind Carla’s back and under her nose.  Carla now knows what Peter’s been up to while Rob’s got a guilty conscience and hasn’t told anyone. Not yet, anyway. 
Tina’s fall happened during Rob and Tracy’s engagement party at the Rovers, a party where at the time of Tina’s fall, neither Rob nor Tracy were at.  Rob was at the flat with Tina telling her to leave off Peter. “Everybody fancies year but no one wants to be with yer. Why can’t yer just shut up and smile?” Meanwhile Tracy was driving a van full of knock-off for Tony.  Later, Rob and Tracy concoct alibis to cover their absence and say they were upstairs, together, at the Barlows’ house having a bit of sub-duvet nookie.  Tracy tells Rob where she really was, but Rob lies about his whereabouts.  Well,  you’d do the same.   But when Rob leaves the flat to check on Tina’s body on the cobbles below, Tina’s not dead. Not yet.  She rises to her feet and gives Rob what for, a verbal lashing that only Tina could give.  “I was born gobby!” she tells him.  Rob spies a piece of lead piping in the builders’ yard and takes it, whacks Tina with it and leaves her for dead.   Tina now fights for her pretty life in a hospital intensive care unit with tubes up her nose and Rita by her side.  It’s not looking good.

A copper come to the cobbles wearing a look of disdain and a very dodgy tie and interviews the likely suspects. Roy has seen something, Leanne hasfound the body.  But it’s Carla who’s arrested, with Peter yelling to anyone who’ll listen that his wife wouldn’t do it, not Carla, not to Tina.  But it’s Rob whodunit and this one looks like it’s going to take a while to play out.

Elsewhere, the drama continues when Anna confesses to Owen that she slept with Phelan.  It’s more than Owen can take, he can’t cope with the news and takes a job in Scotland for a wee while.  “Nothing will ever be normal again,” he says.

And that really was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jan McVerry (Monday), Simon Crowther (Tuesday and Wednesday), Chris Fewtrell (Thursday).  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

New book - A Perfect Duet - the Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper
With a foreword by Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper for 16 years

Facebook page for the book.

Available from FBS Publishers, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Also available as an e-book.
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Who's your all time favourite Corrie male?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you for your all time favourite Corrie female, and you can still leave your answers. 

Well today I'm asking you for your all time favourite Corrie male. Just leave your comments below and it'll be interesting to find out who comes out on top for you.

I have a few favourites, with the likes of Ken, Norris, Len Fairclough, Fred Elliott and Roy close to the top. But my all-time favourite has to be good old "by 'eck" Alf Roberts. One of the stalwarts of the show, he is often underrated because he was ordinary. Well-remembered for being the corner shop owner and for his work on the council and mayor, Alf was also a Rovers regular, propping up the bar for many years with his best pal Len. Not your usual womaniser, Alf was wed three times. While we didn't see his first wife Phyllis, he married Renee in 1978 and Audrey in 1985. It was his marriage to Audrey that we all remember, with their clashing personalities and Alf being tight-fisted while Audrey was the traditional gad-about. 

And of course there was his trilby hat!

And that's why Alf is my favourite!

Who's yours? Well, leave your comments below!

I did a tribute to Alf over a year ago, and you can read it here.

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Julie Hesmondhalgh on a new relationship for Roy

Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper on Coronation Street, says it would break her heart if she sees former on-screen husband Roy Cropper with someone new.

Julie says:  "I'm sure at some point Roy will have to try and see someone again and I'm sure he'll have Hayley's blessing and they'll have much discussion about that, so I'll be very happy to live on in conversations in the street."

On how she'd deal with seeing a new woman in Roy's life, Julie admitted: "As Julie, it will kill me, I'll find it very, very difficult, but I think Hayley would give him her blessing. I think she'd want him to live on, as long as it was someone nice."

David Neilson says this about Roy: "He'll get into a relationship... Whether that's a relationship in the accepted sense I don't know.  I just want to do interesting stories. I don't mind if he builds himself a kalashnikov out of Meccano and takes half the street out, I'll enjoy it."

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn has already ruled out a new love interest for Roy.  He says: "We are now building a new friendship for Roy, but as long as I'm producer, he will not have a romance with anyone.  If that's the only story we can give Roy, we're a bit crap at our job."  However, he also says that Roy is "pushed into actions he never imagined".

You can relive Roy and Hayley Cropper's love story, all 16 years of it, from Hayley's first appearance on Coronation Street until her very last.  There's a fab little book, with a foreword by Julie Hesmondhalgh - it's A Perfect Duet.

A Perfect Duet - the Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper
With a foreword by Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper for 16 years

Facebook page for the book.

Available from FBS Publishers, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and 
Available as an eBook on Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and iBook.
Bookshops in Australia can order via their wholesalers.

There's a competition to win three copies of the book here.

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Fab Photo Friday - May 30th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. I was never a big fan of Les Battersby and I've often found many of the set piece "funny" moments to be far too forced but this one did make me laugh.
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Spot the Corrie prop - May 30th 2014

Congratulations to regular contributor Pod, who was the first to spot that last week's Moulin Rouge picture can be found in Eileen's house (it's on the wall by the kitchen).

For this week's prop poser just tell us where on Coronation Street you would find this little wooden squirrel.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Coffee and croissants on the balcony of shame

So what do we all think of Corrie's special week so far? What are we calling it anyway? Murder Week? Tina Week? I'm calling it Balcony Week. I'm not sure what planet Rob is on if he thinks anyone in their right mind would take coffee and croissants out on that terrace of shame.

I guess though that Tina isn't exactly in her right mind. Gobby she may be, but she wasn't exactly putting the gob into gear the other evening. She had plenty of chances to shut up and ship out but on she went, gob, gob, gob until Rob finally snapped. To be honest I don't blame him. I'd already whacked her hard several times from my armchair and popped off to make a cup of tea. 

I think Corrie has done well this week. The Peter-Carla-Tina storyline has been dragging on longer than the when will Len Fairclough shave that tash off saga of 1970. It has taken us since CHRISTMAS to get to this denouement and all I came away with the other night was the complete and utter wonderment that old Tina could pick herself up without so much as a cobble imprint on her doll-like face. After all her cover story cheek bones had supposedly just smacked into Victoria Street faster than it takes Michelle to fold her arms and pout. 

I do think this storyline is giving Michelle Keegan the send off she deserves. She's done well during her time on Corrie and I hope she advances her career on the back of this. As much as I like Chris Gascoyne, I'm now heartily sick of Peter's snivelling, pathetic, hangdog look. If he ends up in The Big House with Jimbo McDonald, I hope Jim immediately bypasses "Catch yourself on" and goes straight for the jugular.

Carla, meanwhile, has been at the centre of so many dark, sinister, cadaver-strewn plots she'd make an excellent Valeria if they ever remake Carry On Screaming. I hope she escapes the cells this time as I love Alison King and hope she's around for a few more years. I'd love to see Carla ditch Peter and find some happiness for a change. I also can't help wishing the Powers That Be had let her keep her baby. Carla the Mother would have taken the character in an interesting new direction.

So I guess we must now come to Rob and Tracy. Tracy is coming out of this well at the moment. Old Arms-Folded behind the Rovers bar is making Tracy seem like the Denise Robertson of Weatherfield in comparison. Rob meanwhile is the expendable cast member here. As Corrie is still a moral programme *dangling by a thread here*, the truth must out eventually and Rob will be sent down - either to prison or plunging from the viaduct. I do hope we don't have to wait until next Christmas for this to happen.

What I'm really not looking forward to is Michelle finding out Steve knew about Peter's affair. We know she will and we know she's going to dump him, treating him like something she's stepped in (again). This is deeply regrettable. The moral high ground has never been so unappealing. For characters to be believable and likeable they need to have flaws. Unfortunately Michelle is always right so she has no flaws. Apart from the very obvious one, that is. She's a terrific pain in the ginnel. 

Personally, I'd like to pitch to ITV that the next big post-watershed Corrie week sees a mysterious Scottish blogger batter Michelle to death with a crate of Stallion Ale. 

Tweet me @GraemeN82

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ITV special: "Gail and Me, 40 Years on Coronation Street"

Digital Spy reports that there will be a special ITV documentary paying tribute to long-serving cast member Helen Worth, who plays Gail on Coronation Street.
It'll be shown on Monday June 9 and will be called Gail and Me: 40 Years on Coronation Street.
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Corrie's Liz Dawn to appear on Jeremy Kyle celebrity show

Liz Dawn, who played Coronation Street's Vera Duckworth, will appear on a celebrity special version of the Jeremy Kyle show.

Jeremy Kyle will speak to celebrities including Michael Barrymore, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Tito Jackson, Liz Dawn and Shaun Ryder across a week of programmes which confront a range of issues that have affected them from money to drugs and relationships.
On June 12th, Liz Dawn  looks back at her life and a career on 'the street', spanning over three decades.
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Charlie Condou films his final scenes as Marcus Dent

Charlie Condou, who played Marcus Dent, has now left Coronation Street after filming his final scenes last week.

Charlie has played Marcus for four years over two stints, but announced in November 2013 that he would be quitting to spend more time with his family.

Charlie tweeted a photo of Coronation Street pub The Rovers Return's sign, captioned "Over and out".

He lives in London with his partner Cameron Laux and their children Hal and Georgia, but recently told the Daily Mirror his commute to Manchester was becoming too much.

He said: "It was just getting too difficult. Georgia is at an age now where she was saying, 'How long are you away for this week?' and 'When are you going to be back, Daddy?'

"At my busiest I was getting home late on a Friday night and going back to Manchester on Sunday afternoon. I just wasn't getting that time with my kids."

I'll miss Marcus, he was one of the quiet men of soap.  But I never did like him and Todd together.

I also liked Charlie Condou.  He was one of the Coronation Street actors on twitter who interacted positively with his fans.  Nice!

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Coronation Street spoiler: Andrea's secret finally revealed

We've long thought there wasn't something quite right about Andrea Beckett on Coronation Street.  And today The Star reveals that she's leading a double life - she IS married.

The Star says that viewers will be stunned to discover that Andrea has been married to her husband Neil for 20 years. The truth comes out next month when Neil storms into the Rovers to confront his wife’s lover.

Lloyd is heartbroken to learn that Andrea has been juggling both her lives. And Steve is also shocked when the truth comes out.

Ah, poor Lloyd, eh?

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More schedule changes for Corrie next week

There's some more schedule changes to Corrie next week including extra episodes as follows:

Sunday 1 June
Monday 2 June (double episode)
Wednesday 4 June
Thursday 5 June
Friday 6 June (double episode)

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 29 May

Coronation Street, THURSDAY 29TH MAY 2014
THE FINGER OF SUSPICION POINTS AT ONE RESIDENT As Rita and David keep a vigil at Tina’s bedside, one resident’s life is about to fall apart. But who do the police suspect is behind Tina’s attack?
THE WINDASS CLAN DEMAND ANSWERS FROM ANNA Izzy and Katy realise there’s something seriously wrong when Owen tells a clearly upset Anna that he needs to get away. They demand to know what’s going on. Will she confess to her shameful act?
KAL DOESN’T WANT TO KEEP HIS SECRET ANY LONGER Kal’s disappointed when Leanne tells him that they must keep their relationship under wraps for now as Simon’s already upset over Tina and Peter.
ELSEWHERE Steph’s spent the night at Luke’s flat, unable to face going home after what happened to Tina.

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Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 28 May 2014

Its day three of Who Kills Tina? week, and as 9pm approached, I promptly returned to the edge of my seat and braced myself for the massive twist we had been promised. I was not disappointed.

Breathless and clearly in shock, a stunned Rob peers over the balcony at a motionless Tina and gathers himself before trashing her apartment, even making off with some of her possessions. What he doesn’t expect is to find her alive when he exits the flat. Despite not having said a single word between Tina’s fall and this latest discovery, Marc Baylis deftly conveys the maddening range of emotions Rob experiences as he hurtles from one phase of the aftermath to the next.

Asking her if she’s okay, and offering to call her an ambulance, together with the accidental nature of her fall ensures that Rob is portrayed as a good man with a conscience as described by Marc Baylis and Stuart Blackburn last week. However, after he fails to convince Tina that the bang to her head is affecting her memory of events, things take a nastier turn. Assuring him she’s more determined than ever to see him go down, now adding attempted murder to his list of charges, and ignoring his appeals for leniency on the grounds that he’s happy and getting married, Rob decides to silence her forever with an iron bar.

As things stood last night, both Tina and Rob evoked immense sympathy in me. She would have died a vulnerable and lonely character, and he would have been a good man who committed a murder by accident. Tonight therefore provides a double twist for me; not only would Tina have made a recovery had Rob not attacked her a second time, but it is their respective character flaws which actually lead to their downfall.

Through gritted teeth Tina asserts, “I was born gobby”. These, her final words, prove that she is unable to suppress this part of her nature, and it ultimately leads to her death. Similarly, while a tearful yet menacing Rob may visibly appear to struggle with the choice that lies before him, he announces his impending murder with the chilling retort, “and you’ll die gobby too”. While I look forward to both the psychological battle that we’re promised lies ahead of him, and Marc Baylis’ undoubted ability to offer a mesmerising portrayal, it is difficult not to consider Rob a coldblooded killer after tonight. It’s a great twist, and a thrilling and fantastic episode throughout, but perhaps an accidental death would have been preferable if the aim is to ensure viewers are “with” Rob as this storyline progresses.

With everyone convinced Tracy and Rob are having their own private engagement party next door to the Rovers when in reality both are up to no good on their own terms, and lie to eachother on reuniting, it will be interesting to see how this prospective alibi plays out.

Liz likening pondlife Peter Barlow to a jellyfish may have left viewers plumbing the depths for clues as to why, but once you consider how he appeared weirdly calm and floated through the tempestuous waves of adulterous transparency while simultaneously stinging Carla with the news that Tina was not better than her, but different, it couldn’t be more accurate. At least he can rely on Steve for a kind word in the face of yet another personal disaster. “You never know,” his friend chirps, “it might all blow over.”

Carla's fury doesn't offer much hope for Steve's prediction. She concludes that Peter, the only man she ever wanted to have children with, mustn’t have loved her at all despite his insistence that he never stopped doing so. Her rage sees her announce to the Rovers rabble that she’s going to kill Tina before storming off to find her. As she emerges on to the balcony of the builder’s yard she spots Tina’s body on the ground below just as a stunned Leanne and Kal arrive on the scene. She receives no support from anyone but Michelle as the police arrive and take her away, not even Rob which may prove that his fear of returning to prison outweighs his concern for his sister which could have interesting consequences for the story as it progresses.

Meanwhile, Debbie Rush’s powerful performance is a triumph of tragedy and despair as Anna breaks down and confesses all to an incredulous Owen. Despite the dreadful nature of the revelation, considering the tender and loving side of him that has emerged in recent times, I didn’t expect that his reaction would be so cold; he even appeared repulsed at one point. However, he does eventually break down, and is clearly struggling to cope with the news as he tells her “Nothing will ever be normal ever again.”

This was another gripping episode which was superbly acted, written and directed, and if the week so far is anything to go by, the fourth installment tomorrow night at 9pm can't come quickly enough.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rob-bing us of Tina

Aw - bless her teak coloured cotton socks. The Queen of Cuprinol is off to meet her maker courtesy of the evil (well, not at all really) Rob. Daft old Rob who is settling for life with the increasingly ludicrous Tracy (what was her engagement 'look' all about) and celebrating the fact with a worryingly grim engagement party which had all the joie de vivre of a black mass.

Tangerine Tina has had her fair share of critics over the years. Guilty m'lud. There were justified rants over the barmy 'Xin and Graham' storyline and her 'young fogey' relationship with Tommy Duckworth. She survived dalliances with David, Jason and long-forgotten Doctor Matt. It's fair to say that Tina hasn't been best-served with fun storylines. For her, life was one long rounds of rows and stand-offs. Which is why she had to go.

Tina was never going to be a stay-at-home, dinner on the table housewife. She would have been more likely to have driven a tank through the home and hurled the dinner at the nearest passer by. Tina wasn't a home-maker or the settling down type. Despite being as bright as a button, there was a horrible inevitability that her life would be a constant shuffling between bar work and shop work. Let's face it, the woman thrived on misery.

In spite of all this though, I've always had a regard for our T. Probably this was partly down to Michelle Keegan's spirited portrayal. Tina was always brassy and feisty and yes, this could be wearing. She allowed herself to be dragged into the cloying world of Rita and the dependent world of Peter. The woman deserved a medal for surviving in a world containing these two - Ronald McDonald in a frock and Uriah Heep.

Tina, even in her most difficult moments, has always been easier to watch than the likes of Tracy or Michelle. No gurning or manic arm-folding for T. A stomping madam with brass curtain rings in her ears, a birds nest hairdo, an appalling flat, appalling taste in men, stroppy barmaid, a good mate to Tyrone, a fearsome foe to Kirsty, a match for David, a miracle for Graham, a notch in the bedpost for Jason, more brazen than Leanne, bolder than Liz - Tina McIntyre - the girl who lost her dad and never really recovered. A tour de force from Michelle Keegan and a character that deserves to be remembered.

I wonder if her coffin will be teak?

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EXCLUSIVE: Rob Kills Tina! Interview with Marc Baylis and Stuart Blackburn

After weeks of speculation and anticipation, Tina McIntyre’s killer is finally revealed as none other than Rob Donovan, in what was a truly sensational and gripping episode.

Having kept his identity a secret since last Monday when I attended a screening and interview session with Michelle Keegan and Stuart Blackburn, I’m now excited to reveal that we were also joined by Marc Baylis on the day.

After entering to some playful boos, he spoke of the “massive relief” that a handful of people now knew, revealing that the storyline has been talked about since the end of October, and that a lot of work and personal embargo has gone into keeping the huge secret. Marc was thoroughly engaging, interesting and passionate about the character of Rob, and I could have listened to him for hours.

Stuart Blackburn revealed that having identified a dark edge to Rob’s character shortly after taking over at Coronation Street, he has spent a long time looking for a story where he could back him into a corner to see what he would do. Marc added that this is when Rob will either lash out or do something that may appear pretty callous to others, but is a means of protection in his eyes.

I’m told Rob will cover his tracks in many different ways over the coming months. “He’s not a stupid man”, explains Marc, “he knows where to point the finger, where to play the innocent, where to play different parts that will protect him, to maybe cast shadows on to other characters as well. This is the beginning of a massive new chapter for Rob so there are a lot of changes.”

Rob isn’t your stereotypical cold blooded killer and it was never his intention to kill Tina, but rather to protect Carla from finding out about Peter’s affair. Marc reveals that the accidental and unplanned murder has a massive effect on him, and pulls him closer to his roots and family. “We go through that with Rob,” he explains, “it’s not just ‘Oh, he’s a killer now, he’s a murderer!’ we actually see the through line of how he deals with it psychologically.” He also promises a number of twists along the way.

Considering Rob’s good heartedness which has been increasingly revealed in recent times, Stuart Blackburn tells us, “I would love it if people have sympathy for the character of Rob”. He is against making simple judgements that fail to take into account a person’s motivations, background or circumstances, and observes “I suspect most people who end up killing people aren’t evil tyrants without a conscience or morality, it’s much more interesting if for a few seconds on screen you’re really with him and think, ‘no, no, no it can’t be’.”

It follows that Stuart impresses the importance of remembering Rob and Carla’s tough upbringing at the hands of an alcoholic mother and a succession of step-fathers. “They’ve come from a world of violence”, he tells us “we can’t forget that behind the glamour.”

Both Stuart and Marc describe Rob as a man with a conscience whose situation is far from straightforward. “This is not a black and white storyline that takes us through to the end,” Marc tells us, “there are a lot of grey areas which is why there are moments when hopefully from an audience point of view they see Rob as a person not as a murderer.” What adds a tragic dimension is that where Rob’s personal life is concerned, he’s probably never been happier. I certainly felt a twinge of sadness that it was him, as he has really come out of his shell in recent times, and I find him both endearing and immensely likeable.

We’re assured that Rob does everything possible to avoid being caught. But would he kill again to cover his tracks? Stuart reveals, “It would depend entirely on the circumstances. I think he’d do an awful lot to defend his sister and increasingly, anything to defend Tracy.” How about letting someone else go to trial? Marc tells us that “In order to protect the people that are foremost to him, maybe he would do that, yeah, which does bring out a callous side to him.”

He added, “It depends on who that person is, and it depends on what they’ve done to him.” He talked of the theme of history repeating itself, noting that the first time Rob went to prison involved an incident in which he tried to help support his mother, and this time, his crime is committed in an attempt to protect his sister.

Both Marc and Stuart agreed that Rob would never betray Tracy, but neither would go as far as to say whether or not he would confess to her. Marc explained how Rob has seen a side of her that the audience haven’t necessarily seen. “In their quiet time, in their downtime, she’s got a very loving side with him,” he reveals, “It’s a genuine relationship and I think that’s the key to why it works.”

While the notorious soap-killer is guaranteed to be remembered, their continued presence in the programme is generally short lived. Marc confesses that playing one did make him anxious for his future on the show, but acknowledges that there is always going to be trepidation, and it’s not something an actor should focus on. The character of Rob is the longest part he’s played in 15 years of acting, and he feels very privileged to be chosen from the cast to be such a huge part of this storyline.

Asked how he will react to potential negative reactions from the public following the big reveal, he joked, “I think I’ll even swim into work across the canal so no one can see me.” On a serious note, he observed, “I can’t think about that too much, I think I’m going to have to take it on the chin. I live a pretty low profile life anyway so I’ll just have to find new techniques to hide away.” When it was pointed out that Tony appeared a popular choice for Tina's killer, Marc joked, “I’m still wishing it was Tony.”

We’re assured that a massive twist lies in store tomorrow night, and if the quality of tonight’s episode is anything to go by, it promises to be similarly unmissable.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Weds 28 May

Coronation Street, WEDNESDAY 28TH MAY 2014
THE RESIDENTS MAKE A HORRIFIC DISCOVERY The residents are rocked by the news of Tina and Peter’s affair and more horror awaits with the discovery of Tina’s motionless body but who is behind this terrible act?
TRACY HAS A LUCKY ESCAPE As Tracy tries to sneak into No.1 through the backyard she bumps into Rob doing the same thing. Neither are keen to discuss where they’ve been. What have they been up to?
OWEN’S ROCKED BY ANNA’S BOMBSHELL Owen’s astounded when Anna finally admits to sleeping with Phelan. Can he forgive her for her sordid act?

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The builder's yard balcony

Tonight's episode was fantastic, and I really enjoyed it. Though one thing surprised me, since when does Tina's flat have access to the builder's yard balcony?

So I decided to root through my photos of when I visited the set a few years back, and it turns out that that door has actually been there the whole time, though we've never seen anyone using it before now.

Jason might want to think about closing that door off, since the builder's yard seems like the most unsafe place on the street, especially when a little tampering by someone like David Platt can send someone falling to the cobbles below, as he found out himself a few years back.

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Marc Baylis: "I am very relieved the secret is out"

Millions of viewers saw Rob confront Tina over her affair with alcoholic bookie Peter Barlow - ending months of speculation about the identity of her killer.

This is the dramatic moment when Corrie killer Rob Donovan looks down on the lifeless body of barmaid Tina McIntyre - after a violent confrontation led to her falling to the cobbles below.

On Wednesday night a desperate Rob will start to cover his tracks by staging a burglary at Tina’s flat and viewers will be stunned by a shocking twist just minutes into the 9pm episode.

And in the coming days, weeks and months Rob will evade suspicion with both Carla and Peter having to answer police questions about the murder.

On Thursday night, as these pictures show, Peter will be hauled into custody under suspicion of killing his lover - but will police eventually get the right man?

Marc Baylis who plays Rob says he is relieved the secret is out as he has lived in fear of letting it slip since the murder was filmed back in April.

And he explained that as well as filming four different endings, to put viewers off the scent, the production team went to extraordinary lengths to keep his identity as the killer a secret.

He said: “There was one occasion when I had to go out filming in Manchester and we didn’t want the pap photographers who follow us everywhere to get a shot of me. So they dressed me in  wellington boots, a long coat and a skeleton mask for the drive out to location.

“I am very relieved now that the secret is out - I don’t know what reaction to expect in the street, maybe I will need to keep my head down for a while.”

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