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Corrie A-Z: B is for Baldwin's Casuals

When the Mission Hall and raincoat factory were demolished in 1968, the even side of the street went through much change: maisonettes were built and then a warehouse and community centre. But in 1976, a Londoner called Mike Baldwin came up North and established his own denim factory in the empty warehouse and brought stability to that side of the street, to the residents and to the viewers.
Baldwin’s Casuals epitomised the economic tribulations of the 1970s and 1980s with strikes and walk-outs over pay. Mike faced many tribulations, fighting against his staff and rival companies. In 1988, he switched to producing curtains and renamed the factory ‘Baldwin’s Curtains’. The following year he sold the factory to property developer Maurice Jones who demolished it and the community centre next door to build new houses and shop units. It was indeed an end of an era when the demolition ball knocked the factory down.
But of course, the factory is remembered for its members of staff. Many clocked in over the years. Loudmouth Vera Duckworth and battleaxe Ivy Tilsley were employed at the factory throughout its 13 year tenure as machinists. They had previously worked at the warehouse during the early 1970s.
Mike employed pious Ernest Bishop as a wages clerk but lost his loyal right-hand man in 1978 when he was shot dead in a wages snatch. Four years later, Mike employed Ernest’s widow Emily to the job and she held it until the factory closed in 1989 and fought for the machinists’ redundancy pay by doing a sit-in protest on the building site.
Elsie Tanner held the post of supervisor between 1976 and 1980 and often clashed with machinists Vera, Ivy and Ida Clough as she told them to ‘chop-chop’. She left her post in 1980 but returned in 1982 as a lowly machinist. Elsie and Mike often argued about how to run the factory but remained good friends and Mike was very fond of Mrs Tanner.
And then there was Hilda Ogden who was the factory cleaner and was once sacked by Baldwin for asking for a new broom. The machinists walked out in protest until Hilda was reinstated and got a new broom.
Others were employed over the years including Steve Fisher (stand-in manager), Shirley Armitage (machinist), Muriel Clough (machinist) and George Wardle (van driver). In the early years Mike employed young girls Suzie Birchall and Gail Potter to manage his outlet ‘The Western Front’ on Victoria Street. Suzie briefly worked as a machinist in 1979.
Do you have fond memories of Baldwin’s Casuals? Was it better than Underworld? Do you have any favourite member of staff?

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Corrie weekly awards: March 25 - 29

Spaced award: Sylvia was getting all giddy over dish soap bubbles. Thanks to the "herbal" brownies much to Dennis' delight.

Let Down award: Jason was so worried about Stella. Her first words? "Karl" Ouch.

Ironic award: Everyone's fawning over Karl for being a hero. Too bad he's a selfish murdering bum.

Spot On award: Jason suggested that Karl burned down the Rovers.

Self Serving award: Karl made sure to let Dev know that Jason is suspected of starting the fire.

Game Over award: Kirsty smacked Julie hard and then, with Julie just next door on the other side of the thin walls, screamed at the baby, and you know they heard it!

War Zone award: Stan the Lollipop man uses his imagination and pretends his lollipop is an AK47! Brilliant!

Oh Grow Up award: Getting drunk and ugly isn't helping, Chesney.

Rolling over in her grave award: Blanche must be haunting the One O'Clock club now that they're a hive of drug activity!

Gallows humour: Mary really doesn't have a stop button on her gob does she?

Lines of the week:
Sylvia "Why don't you dig a hole and bury me now!"
Gloria to Karl "What you did was brave and very special" (especially that bit where he lit the fire)
Sylvia "She's used to standing by her man in the dock. When she's not in the dock herself, that is" (Got filled in on all Fiz's history, I see)
Jason "I wouldn't be surprised if he burned down the Rovers"
Gloria to Jason "It's not all about you" (Well, yes it is, if you're accusing him of causing the fire)
Sylvia "I don't like to relax. I don't see the point of it"
Karl "How did things get out of control?" (you might well ask)
Kirsty "I feel like i'm losing control"  (Finally!)
Stella "I started a fire. Ran a bath, and then got in it. Must be a life insurance scam"
Julie "I am a brilliant lie detector. My instincts are never wrong" (How about your Irony Detector?)
Sylvia to Stan: "I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't got a hoodie on under that coat!"
Julie "I was cheerleader for Team Kirsty"
Beth "I've painted me toenails so many times me shoes are starting to pinch!"
Chesney to Eva "Buy you a drink?" Eva laughs "What we having darlin, a milkshake?  For me to even have a coffee with you, y
You'd have to be a little bit older, a little bit smarter, a little bit taller, and a lot less drunk"

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

State of the Street - March 2013

It's been a really full month filled with fire, brimstone and lies, damned lies!

There have been other storylines but the ones we'll remember are the burning of the Rovers Return and Tyrone's trial.  I thought both were very well done. Kirsty and Tyrone's story ended very fittingly with Kirsty finally reaching out for the help she needs and confessing her lies. Karl is hanging on to his freedom by a thread, feeling guilty but scrambling to cover his backside.

For these and more storylines, check out the State of the Street.

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Tyrone is free!

There's a good interview in the Radio Times today with Alan Halsall who talks all about Tyrone's trial and freedom.

Alan's character, Tyrone, has been at the center of a nation-wide "Free Tyrone" campaign, with people posting photos all over the social media sites. He's really been enjoying the fan reaction to this storyline.

"It really makes me laugh because I actually started in Coronation Street thanks to the Free Deirdre campaign. She got sent to prison and her cellmate was Tyrone’s mother! So now it’s come full circle. And it’s really nice that the audience has really taken to the story and has been enjoying it so much. "

I hadn't thought about that connection, regarding Tyrone's original arrival, but isn't it a nice touch?

We're going to see Kirsty one last time, on Wednesday's episode when Tyrone goes to see her to put the ghosts away. Using a trendy word, he needs the closure and has to be able to take the first steps to get his confidence back. Alan says he's really going to miss Natalie on set (though probably not having to dodge her big hair!)

Alan also missed being on set for the Rovers fire, and also missed out on the Full Monty though admits if he'd been able to see Simon Gregson dancing and stripping, it would have been worth it if Tyrone had been corralled into the show as well. Since Steve and Lloyd weren't involved, it's probably just as well but it would have been more of a full on comedy skit if they had been.

Tyrone is going to get to be happy for awhile. Alan does wonder where he and Fiz are going to live since she also has to be concerned about Chesney.

Alan won an NTA award and is nominated for a British Soap Award. Vote for him and for Natalie Gumede!

Find out how much you know about Tyrone. Take the ITV quiz!

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Speculation gone wrong

I was wrong.

I really did think that Kirsty's mother was going to testify and turn her in. Then I was convinced that Julie's testimony was going to turn the tide in Tyrone's favour. I did think Kirsty might admit it all at some point but not in the dramatic way that she did.

For this spoiler-holic, and someone that is usually pretty good at guessing outcomes of storylines, I didn't see it coming and I did enjoy the surprise!

Speculating on the storylines is fun for me but I don't always get it right. My next speculation is on how Karl will come to justice. You can read about that over here.

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Sentimental Street?

For many of us, watching Coronation Street has been a lifelong affair. It's a habit that becomes ingrained in the fabric of our lives and the comings and goings of Weatherfield folk become a talking point. Sometimes even a reference point, as events in that make-believe world can often remind us of where we were and what we were doing at that time. It's this link with our own history that makes me wonder if we are guilty of sentimentalising the Street.

Those of us who picked up the Corrie habit back in the 1970s may well be remembering their own childhood. Certainly for me, it was a time without too many cares other than getting out to play after school and wondering how to spend my pocket money. Twice a week though, there was Corrie. It was one of the few times when, as a family, we sat and viewed. Paraded across our screens were the likes of Annie Walker, Betty Turpin and Hilda Ogden. Despite their faults, they were sympathetic characters of a certain age and while they did not represent actual people in my own family, they did resonate.

Which brings us to today. Time moves on and naturally, we say goodbye to people along the way. However, our Corrie favourites from yesteryear live on. Through video, DVD and social media they remain with us and in doing so, provide a link back to a time and to people long since gone. Watching old episodes from the 1970s and 1980s can instantly whisk us back to a period when our lives were, arguably, less complicated.

I am more than happy to waffle on about the good old days of Elsie, Eddie and Ena because they played a part in my formative years. If a character left, sometimes there was that strange sense of bewilderment that you only ever get as a child. Life in a fictitious northern street helped prepare me for life in my actual northern street. It sounds silly but at times, Weatherfield was definitely my mentor.

It's only natural that we sentimentalise the past. We strip out the bad bits where possible and remember the golden summers of the mid-seventies, the horrendous fashion, the ill-advised hairstyles, those first relationships and those final goodbyes. Accompanying us through those highs and lows were Bet, Mavis, Rita et al. This is why we sentimentalise the Corrie of the past and no doubt in twenty years time, there will be a whole bunch of devotees looking back with fond memories of Eileen, Tina and Tyrone. But never Tracy.

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Fab Photo Friday - March 29th 2013

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. As it's Easter here are some pictures of bunny rabbits.

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Tonight on Corrie - truth about Kirsty comes out in court

Tonight on Coronation Street is the culmination of crazy Kirsty's reign of terror over Tyrone.  Or is it?  From the episode previews we know that Julie rushes to court to tell them the truth about her change of heart towards Kirsty after she'd been hit by her and witnessed first hand the full extent of her rage.  The truth comes out about Kirsty hitting Tyrone but there's a big twist - Kirsty disappears and she takes Ruby with her! 

Will she return to face the music and get banged up in the big house? I'm kind of hoping not. I'd love to see Kirsty return to the cobbles in the future, when Tyrone and Fiz are least expecting it. And her running off into the night with Tyrone's baby seems a good cliffhanger on which to finish Kirsty's storyline.  However, it could still all change, and if she does do a runner, where does that leave Tyrone, legally after he's accused of assault?

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Spot the Corrie prop - March 29th 2013

Congratulations to our very own Tvor, who was the first to spot that last week's vase of flowers can be found in Sunita's house.

For this week's prop poser all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you'd find this radio, biscuit barrel, place mat combo.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday March 29

Coronation Street, Friday 29th March 2013 at 7.30pm

Julie and Sean hear the sound of smashing glass from No.9 and then silence from Ruby as she stops crying. Concerned, they rush round but the house is empty with no sign of Kirsty or Ruby. Meanwhile, as Tyrone's trial continues, Julie races to court explaining she's got evidence proving Tyrone's innocence.

The police search through Sunita's belongings and find the spare set of Rovers keys. Dev is shocked. Paul battles his emotions at the funeral of a friend. When Chesney sees Ryan chatting to Katy, he shouts at Ryan telling him to stay away from his son. Sylvia accepts another one of Stan's flapjacks when he insists it will alleviate the pain in her wrist.

Coronation Street, Friday 29th March 2013 at 8.30pm

There's pandemonium in the court as the truth about Kirsty is revealed but where are Kirsty and Ruby? The Judge calls order and Tyrone is returned to the cells whilst the Judge decides how to proceed. Will Tyrone be found guilty or is the new information enough to free him?

The police show the keys to Stella who confirms they're the spares to the pub. Stella's shocked to realise Sunita is the arsonist. Gloria's quick to gossip as she tells a horrified Eileen and Paul that Sunita started the fire. As word gets round, how will Dev deal with the news? And has Karl got away with the crime?

Paul's devastated to learn that his friend's death may have been caused by a deliberate act of arson.  Beth's furious to discover Kirk's taking Chesney out instead of her. How will Eva react when Chesney gets drunk and tries to chat her up? Sylvia phones Stan and places an order for more flapjacks.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Freedom on Corrie: Following in Nelson's footsteps

We all know that trying to talk sense into Kirsty Soames is like buying a return ticket on a Weatherfield tram – pointless. And as Tyrone’s court case nears its conclusion and nutcase Kirsty sees her web of lies begin to unravel, Corrie fans, foaming at the mouth at the prospect of ‘comeuppance’ teeter dangerously close to the edge of their seats.

Sporting a corker of a fat lip, yesterday we were left with Julie in no doubt whatsoever that she’d got things badly wrong, and Kirsty was indeed the tormented lovechild of Mike Tyson and Fatima Whitbread (lovely couple).
Twitter has been ablaze, once again, with posters demanding the release of Tyrone, who now follows in the footsteps of Deirdre Barlow, Gail MacIntyre and Nelson Mandela as he fights for his freedom. I feel a song coming on…

So what is it that captures the public’s imagination so much when these storylines occur? Are we looking for any glimmer of excitement in our mundane, recession-ridden lives, do we use Corrie as a bit of escapism after a hard day at the benefits office, or do we really care for these characters having seen people like Tyrone, played by man-god Alan Halsall, grow up in front of our eyes?  

The truth is, probably a bit of each. In the real world, Kirsty wouldn’t have got this far without being rumbled. Soap writers have a certain amount of space with which to detach us from reality and so these storylines go on much longer than they ought to. Because of this, we become immersed in the story and before you know it we’re standing outside Granada Studios like crazed animals demanding an imaginary person’s pretend release from fake prison.

But that’s ok. Corrie wouldn’t have lasted this long without the full and loving support of fans like us.

But one word of advice, if the writers at Coronation Street even THINK of putting Rita back behind bars, I’ll be on that train to Manchester and outside those studios like a rat up a drainpipe.

So think on…

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Happy Easter from the Coronation Street Blog

Is this the best Coronation Street Easter picture we've ever had, or what?

Ok, it might be the only Coronation Street Easter picture we've ever had, but it's still the very best. Sent in to us on twitter from @OfficialScottA who says "How about this for an Easter Egg entry by my mate Mr Tom Gamble - the Rovers burns!"

It's egg-cellent!  If you think you can do better, send your Easter egg pictures in to us!

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Roy's Bubblebeard

You've heard of Blackbeard and Bluebeard, the fierce pirates. Last night we were introduced to Royston Bubblebeard! Sylvia, under the influence of herbal brownies was fascinated by the bubbles from the dish soap and decorated Roy's face, with Dennis thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

I'm loving this! Yes, it's cheesy and silly but isn't that gentle humour what we've been asking for? So what if something similar was done before? I don't care and it gives the older set something to do and something fun! I can't imagine how David Neilson managed to keep a straight, indeed, pinched face!

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Interview with Corrie's Executive Producer Kieran Roberts

Producers have come and gone while Kieran Roberts has been in charge at Coronation Street. He's the Executive Producer, the real fella in charge. And he's given an interview to Slate magazine (where for some odd reason they've named him Kiernan).

Slate's interview with Kieran Roberts is primarily aimed at Corrie's US audience as Corrie is now available online to American viewers at Hulu.  But it's still a very good read.

Kieran talks about achieving the balance between keeping long-term and new fans happy; the importance of creating storylines for old and young actors; diversity on the Street and why he has to keep his wife's grandmother happy!

Read the interview here.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Corrie A-Z: A is for Affairs

Three things that are ratings winners in soaps are weddings, deaths and affairs. Or indeed the revelation of an affair.  The secrecy, the danger and the showdown of an affair make us glued to our TV screens and are indeed one of the main themes that make soap operas at the peak of television.

In Coronation Street, affairs have become a storyline norm since the 1980s. But the first Corrie affair, I believe, was back in 1961. Street siren Elsie Tanner unwittingly had an affair with Petty Officer Bill Gregory. She was unaware he was married to Phyllis as he’d told her he was unmarried. Elsie soon ended her liaison with Bill but rekindled their romance in 1984 and married him that year.

During the 1960s and 1970s, affairs did exist but not in the sensationalism form that they exist now. Ken Barlow had a fling with newspaper reporter Jackie Marsh in 1966; and Ray Langton had an affair with café waitress Janice Stubbs in 1978 that in time ended his marriage to Deirdre.
It was in 1982 that an affair became sensational.

At this time the press began their close association with soaps. The affair of course was between bored housewife Deirdre Barlow and factory tycoon Mike Baldwin. Their affair gripped the nation. But as we all know, it was when Deirdre’s hubby Ken found out about the affair and the scenes shared between the couple and then Mike appearing on the doorstep and Ken grabbing Deirdre and slamming her against the door that made it a classic TV moment. The Barlows did manage to rebuild their marriage but the affair began a long lasting feud between Ken and Mike.

Other affairs during the 1980s included Gail Tilsley’s affair with hubby Brian’s Australian cousin Ian Latimer in 1986. Gail later fell pregnant and wondered who the father was. Sarah Louise was born in 1987 and a DNA test revealed that Brian was indeed her father.
Jack Duckworth had a fling with Bet Lynch in 1982; and Ken Barlow had an affair with council worker Wendy Crozier in 1989 that ended his marriage to Deirdre.

While there were many affairs during the 1990s, it was Kevin Webster’s affair with vamp Natalie Horrocks in 1997 that gripped the nation once more. Natalie brought excitement to Kevin’s life in contrast to his dull marriage to Sally. The affair ended the Websters marriage. They later remarried in 2002.

Other affairs and one-night stands since then include Martin Platt and Rebecca Hopkins (1999-2000); Mark Redman and Linda Sykes (2000); Dev Alahan and Deirdre Rachid (2001); Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow (2003); Todd Grimshaw and Karl Foster (2004); Danny Baldwin and Leanne Battersby (2005); John Stape and Rosie Webster (2007); Liam Connor and Carla Connor (2008); Steve McDonald and Becky Granger (2008); Kevin Webster and Molly Dobbs (2009-2010); Ken Barlow and Martha Fraser (2009); and Karl Munro and Sunita Alahan (2012). Both Steve and Tracy’s and Kevin and Molly’s affairs resulted in a baby: Amy and Jack respectively.

Can you think of any other Corrie affairs? Are there any favourites for you?

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Should someone tell William Roache to shut up?

Not content with the upset he caused over his sex abuse comments, Coronation Street actor William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, now goes and tells a New Zealand TV presenter he'd like to "smack her bottom".

The 81-year-old actor was filming a cookery segment with host Jeanette Thomas on a New Zealand TV programme. He was about to chop up a tomato then realised she had done it already. He told her: “You naughty girl. I would say I’m going to smack your bottom – I’d love to do that – but we’re not allowed to on TV.”

Jeanette, 40, laughed off his comments but Bill added: “There’s life in the old dog yet.”

Not for much longer I hope, as Ken on Corrie at least, if he keeps coming out with rubbish like this. 

Polly Hudson at the Mirror agrees.

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Fat Brenda's Cream Horn

“Brenda love, do you swear by almighty Cliff to tell the truth the whole truth and nowt but the flamin’ truth?”

“Oh lovey, I do! I flamin’ well do! Oh kind folk of the jury, only you can set me free! Cos I’m flamin’ guilty! Guilty as a lass can be! Come on baby can’t you see, I stand accuuu-used, of love in the first degree!”

"Place yer hand on the bible"
Well loveys, eyes down look in for another trial at that travesty of justice called Weatherfield Court! They are to the law what Norris Cole is to keeping a secret! They are to the truth what Gail is to a lasting relationship! They are to justice what Gloria is to being likeable! They’ve sent down three innocent women and released one guilty grinning mare from’t same street so multiply that for every street in Weatherfield and it’s not a wonder society’s breaking down round here!
Poor Ty, not only has he had to shave his back since the age of eleven, he’s got Jackie Dobbs as a mam, lost Jack and Vera, lost his first wife who had a child to his best mate before she go killed by a tram and now he’s had seven bells beaten out of him by Kirsty! And to top it all off, he’s either gonna do a stretch or have a relationship with Fiz – some might say both options are equally flamin’ appalling!
I was in the gallery for the trial and I must say, it in’t looking good for Tyrone. He’s been badly stitched up, like a pair of knock off Underworld knickers! Eileen, still reeling from the death of that lass she hardly knew, was demolished by the defence. Mind you, it’s not difficult to flummox Eileen; she’s not the sharpest tool in’t box, where do you think Jason gets it from - nice flamin’ lad but I wouldn’t let him help with me Sudoku puzzle if you know what I mean!
Badly stitched up!
Funny in’t it, Leslie makes a fatal piece of cheese on toast and Eileen dun’t bat an eyelid when she goes up like a Christmas tree but Toni dies and she’s all upset about it!
“One minute I din’t know her and then I were jealous of her and now she’s dead an’ that an’ I’m gutted, Brenda! And Paul, well he’s just upset and I can only help him so much cos I’m so upset meself…”
Really lovey! Well how do you think I feel? I’ve been single since time began apart from the toothless advances of Polish Pete me pervy ex landlord and you’ve bagged yerself a firefella! Get a grip woman! And another thing, stop making out Tyrone’s a wife-beater when you know he’s a nice lad!
I’m not surprised at Deirdre sticking the knife in though; she’ll do owt for a bit of attention, why do you think she wears that ethnic belt?
Mind you, when Doctor Carter stepped up to give evidence a hush descended over the courtroom… Oooh he’s fit as a butcher’s dog that one! I bet he’s got a good bedside manner an’ all – if you know what I flamin’ mean Course you do! You flamin’ know what I mean don’t you loveys? DON’T YOU?!
“Oooh Doctor Carter I’ve a pain in me chest… it’s me heart you see lovey, it’s gone all aflutter!”
I don’t know what’s up with me today! Maybe the menopause is doing an encore. I’ll unwind with a bit of poetry!

Clinging to life,
Our poor Sunita.
Consumed by flames; red,
Like the hair of Rita.
I wish it were Carla,
So I could have Peter.

So Sunita might be brain damaged! Well that must have happened a while ago cos that’s the only reason I can find for her shacking up with Karl!
It’s looking like they might have to turn Sunita’s machine off… Poor Dev, not only has he got the two most annoying kiddies in the whole of Manchester, he’s gonna have nobody to share looking after ‘em neither!
Anyhow, I’m off to the court again for round two of the KirsTy trial! Oh loveys, it’s proper exciting; like an episode of Judge Judy but actually entertaining!
"Agadoo doo doo push pineapple etc..."
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Pic: Tonight on Corrie - Kirsty hits Julie

Tonight on Coronation Street is when it all starts to unravel for Kirsty when she loses her temper with the lovely Julie, and hits her.

So, could this be the picture on which Tyrone's trial turns?  What will Julie do after Kirsty attacks her tonight - when she's already witnessed Kirsty's mania first hand earlier this week?

If Julie goes to the cops and changes her statement from defence to prosecution (or however these things work) will that be enough to get Kirsty locked up and Tyrone off the hook?  Ooh, I do hope so.

Read tonight's full episode preview here.

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Chloe in Aberdeen

It's Wednesday and time to meet another Corrie fan of the week.  
Would you like to be our Corrie fan of the week?
Click here to find out more.

Who are you and where are you from? 
I'm Chloe, aged 19 from Aberdeen, Scotland

How long have you been watching Corrie?
I have been watching corrie since I was 8 years old, since the late 90's. I have also managed to get all my flat mates at University hooked!

Who are your favourite male and female characters and why?
My favourite male character has to be Norris Cole! I find him hilarious to watch. No matter what the situation he always manages to stick his nose in somewhere, somehow!

My favourite female character would have to be Fiz. I admire her dedication to Tyrone through out his whole battle with Kirsty. She has been there for him from the start and was brave enough to stand up to crazy Kirsty regardless of what she knew she was capable of. She is also an amazing sister to Chesney and fab mum to Hope.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?Richard Hillman driving the car into the canal, Tracy Barlow killing her husband, the tram crash, John Stape kidnapping Rosie Webster and of course the famous Tyrone/Kirsty storyline. One of my fav scenes has to be all the boys doing the Full Monty last week.

And what would your fantasy storyline be?
I would really like to see Kylie and Nick get together. I feel like there has been a spark between them for a while and feel like she is much better suited to him than David. Also, it would make sense if the baby turns out to be Nicks! I would also love for the legendary Les Battersby to reappear at some point! If he is not to busy with his tour of course!

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
I passed Ryan Thomas in King's Cross station in London once. However, I was too starstruck and stupidly let him slip past. Got to say he looks just as good (if not better) in person!

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday March 27

Coronation Street, Wednesday 27th March 2013 at 7.30pm

Tyrone takes the stand and tells the jury how he was abused by Kirsty for months and how he fears she'll attack Ruby one day. Meanwhile, when Julie confronts Kirsty about her outburst, she loses her temper and slaps Julie. As Julie realises she's been duped by Kirsty, Ruby continues to cry at No. 9.

Karl's enjoying himself at No.13. as Gloria fusses round him, treating him like a hero. Meanwhile, the police question Stella about the pub keys, suggesting the arsonist used the spare set of keys to gain entry.

Paul and Eileen get ready to leave for the funeral of a friend. Sylvia is enjoying new friend Stan's flapjack, but what is his secret ingredient? Beth's annoyed when Kirk cancels their date telling her he's promised to meet Chesney.  

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adam barlow aidan connor alan halsall alex bain alexander bain alison king alison sinclair all about soap awards alma baldwin amy barlow amy kelly andrea beckett andy whyment anna windass antony cotton audrey roberts awards baby Oliver barbara knox barlows battleaxes becky mcdonald behind the scenes ben price ben tagoe bet gilroy bet lynch beth tinker bethany platt betty driver betty turpin betty williams betty's hotpot bev callard beverley callard bill roache billy mayhew billy the vicar blanche hunt brian packham brooke vincent bruno langley can i visit the coronation street set Canada canadian coronation street fans carla connor Cath Tyldesley catherine tyldesley cathy matthews celebrities on coronation street characters joining coronation street characters leaving coronation street cherylee houston chesney brown chris gascoyne chris harper claire king classic corrie clothes worn on coronation street colson smith competition connor mcintyre conversation street coronation street coronation street art coronation street babies Coronation Street Blog - the book coronation street cartoons coronation street fan events coronation street fan of the week coronation street fans coronation street funerals coronation street history coronation street in canada coronation street look-a-like coronation street map coronation street men coronation street merchandise coronation street news coronation street preview coronation street spoilers coronation street weekly update coronation street weekly updates coronation street writers craig tinker damon alexis-rochefort damon rochefort daniel brocklebank daran little david neilson david platt debbie oates debbie rush debbie webster deirdre barlow deirdre hunt denise osbourne derek griffiths dev alahan eileen derbyshire eileen grimshaw Elle Mulvaney ellie leach ellie-louise leach elsie tanner emily bishop emily nugent ena sharples erica stewart exclusive interview exercise dvds famous people who have been in corrie fat brenda favourite females favourite males faye windass feckless fellas in coronation street filming locations filming mistakes fiz brown fiz stape florizel street flying ducks gail rodwell gary windass gary's army diaries gay and lesbians gay men in coronation street gay men in soaps gay women in soaps granada manchester coronation street set granada studios gurn of the week helen flanagan helen worth hilda ogden hilda ogden's curlers Hope Stape hot pot how to contact coronation street inside soap inside soap magazine izzy armstrong jack p shepherd Jack P. Shepherd jane danson jean alexander jennie mcalpine jigsaw jimmi harkishin job vacancies at coronation street joe duttine johnny connor jonathan harvey julie goodyear julie hesmondhalgh kabin kate fitzgerald kate ford katherine kelly kathy jones katie mcglynn ken barlow kev webster kevin webster kieran roberts kirk sutherland kylie platt kylie turner kym marsh leanne barlow leanne battersby leanne tilsley liam bairstow lily platt lisa george liz mcdonald lloyd mullaney Lucy Fallon luke britton maggie jones malcolm hebden manchester tart marc baylis maria connor mark llewellin martin sterling mary taylor matriachs maxine's bench michael le vell michelle connor mikey north mikey north miley windass minnie caldwell mothers on the cobbles music in the rovers nathan curtis new set new zealand newton and ridley nick tilsley nick's bistro nigel pivaro no.1 Coronation Street no.11 coronation street no.13 coronation street no.3 coronation street no.5 coronation street no.6 coronation street no.7 coronation street no.9 coronation street norris cole norris cole's brother nuttalls brewery odd side of the street official coronation street website oldham coliseum oliver battersby on location opening titles original cast our blog is the best blog in the world outside broadcast paper boys paper girls pat phelan pat phoenix patti claire patti clare paula lane peter barlow peter gunn pets on coronation street pictures of the coronation street set pigeons pillars of the community platt family plot holes props qasim akhtar quay street returning characters rita fairclough rita littlewood rita sullivan rita tanner road to coronation street rob donovan rob mallard romanian holiday rosamund street rosie webster rovers bosses rovers fire rovers return rovers return barmaids rovers return fire rovers return landlady roy and hayley roy cropper roy's rolls roys rolls ryan thomas sair khan sally webster sally and tim sally dynevor sally dyvenor Sally Metcalfe sally webster sally whittaker sam aston samia ghadie samia longchambon sarah platt Sarah-Louise Platt schmeichel sean tully shayne ward shelley king simon barlow simon crowther simon gregson sinead tinker six episodes per week sophie webster special effects speculation spin-off spoilers state of the street steve mcdonald storyline speculation storylines streetcars sue cleaver sue johnston sue nicholls susan barlow susan oudot sylvia cropper sylvia goodwin terry duckworth the corrie years the kabin the Nazirs the newspaper boy the road to coronation street through the years tim metcalfe tina o'bren tina o'brien Tina O’Brien tiricia hopkins todd grimshaw tony warren Tony Warren inspiration tours of coronation street toyah battersby tracy barlow trafford set tram crash tricia hopkins tyrone dobbs underworld underworld sign unofficial book unofficial merchandise unseen characters viaduct street victoria court fire vip bloggers walking tours watch coronation street online weatherfield weatherfield arms weatherfield council weatherfield county weatherfield county football club weatherfield fire station weatherfield gazette weatherfield haulage Weatherfield high Weatherfield Open Days weatherfield style weatherfield wayfarer websters' autos wedding wedding dress weddings weekly awards weekly update where have you seen william roache William Roache Interview window cleaners writers for soaps Yasmeen nazir zeedan nazir