Friday, 6 May 2016

Coronation Street film another funeral - but whose is it?

For those who don't like spoilers in the titles of our blog posts, this one's for you.  However, if you're continuing to read, you'll be finding out very soon that...

... Callum Logan's funeral has been filmed today.

Yes, the Manchester Evening News have some paparazzi pictures of the filming of Callum's funeral. Billy the vicar is doing the honours, Sarah's in tears, Todd's comforting Sarah, there's a wreath of flowers bearing Callum's name... it's all shaping up for a funeral to remember. 

I just hope there's a bit of camp in there. As he was in life so he is in death.

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Carla, Nick and the Uninvited Guest

Carla and Nick are going to get married. They are going to live by the sea near Devon, leading  idyllic lives, untrammelled by the complications of children. Carla, now a welcome addition to  Nick's family, has reassured her mother in law to be that there will be her very own room, just for her, in their new place, thus softening the blow of Gail's precious first born disappearing down south. Michael is down south too - Brighton allegedly, and though a good distance, Gail might take a detour and stop him, buy one and then lure him back to Weatherfield.

I'm sorry to say that I have not relished the lovey-dovey goings on with Carla and Nick. Carla is not suited to this happy clappy love life. The declarations of love, frequent and apparently sincere, for now at least, rings hollow. That is because I find it impossible to believe in Nick and Carla as a couple. It doesn't matter how many times they declare undying love to each other or tell each other just how wonderful their life will be away from Weatherfield, just the two of them. For me, they fail to convince. I have tried hard to believe in them, but the effort gets me nowhere.

I cannot picture Carla fitting in to a semi-rural, village-like existence. She is a city girl with bells on, an urbanite. She is a hardworking business woman who enjoys the cut and thrust of the challenges facing her daily. She loves her work, which has in several ways saved her from herself. Her business is what gets her up in the morning and has outlasted any man with whom she has been involved. She has considerable respect from her work force, largely due to the example she sets and her innate skill at being firm but fair. The business meetings, the work jargon, the hurrying through orders, the offers of overtime - all gone.

And what about Carla's sartorial choices? All black clothing (mostly) stiletto heels, snazzy bags. She will need a whole new wardrobe. What beckons for her is a sensible outfit, a windcheater maybe and a flat-shoed future. Carla is far more suited to London, Paris, Milan, New York.

And what of her friends? Michelle and Roy in particular. Having Gail as a house guest is a poor substitute for friendships such as these. There'll be a few tears shed from Carla, Michelle and Roy as she departs the cobbles, waving farewell.

How the actual wedding will go is anybody's guess. This is, after all, a Coronation Street wedding. The catalogue of wedding disasters may add a page soon, or it may not.

The uninvited guest? Oh yes, well that would be Nick's reincarnated brain injury. Has the injury been resurrected in order to cause wedding chaos or will it lay dormant for ever more? We will soon know...

(Please note - I do not mean to be flippant in any way about real and often devastating brain injuries. Here, in this post, I am talking about a fictional character with a fictional brain injury).

Ruth - twitter @Ruth1722

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Spot the Corrie prop - May 6th 2016

Well done to Hannah who was the first to spot that last week's tinpot little trophy can be found in the Grimshaw's. The only person I can remember who lives there winning anything is Jason who won Mr Gay Weatherfield back in 2009 but surely the trophy for that would be a little more glitzy.

For this week's prop puzzle just tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this homely hanging heart. There are lots of this type of decoration on the Street but where is this one?

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Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 6 May

Friday 6th May
TODD THINKS HE HAS PHELAN BANG TO RIGHTS Todd and Jason pack up the last of Tony’s things in the flat. Phelan’s quick to suggest they sell it but Jason insists he wants nothing to do with stolen goods and it can go to charity. Jason sets off to the solicitor’s and with him out of the way, Phelan phones a mate and flogs him Tony’s gear for £3k. Todd secretly films the deal on his phone but Phelan catches sight of him. Triumphant, Todd returns home and shows Eileen and Billy the footage of Phelan selling the gear behind Jason’s back. Eileen’s gutted so how will clever Phelan wriggle out of this one?
STEVE PLANS TO GIVE MICHELLE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER On Amy’s advice, Steve leaves a note for Michelle telling her to treat herself to a new dress as he’s planning on cooking her a romantic meal. Carla takes Michelle shopping and orders her to forget about the stupid kiss and concentrate on her marriage.
SARAH’S PARANOIA BEGINS TO GROW Seeing Sarah looking stressed, Kylie wonders if she’s okay.  Sarah snaps at her telling her she’s sick of the constant interrogation. Worried Sarah takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her she’s got a lovely healthy baby and there’s nothing to worry about.
ELSEWHERE Having taken a call from the travel agent, Sean’s upset as Billy failed to pay his half of the deposit. Sean confronts Billy over the cancelled holiday. Billy’s apologetic but explains that he can’t go away as there’s a parishioner who needs his help. Hurt and angry, Sean storms off telling Billy he’d rather be on his own. When Sophie drops off some van keys with Kate, Caz watches jealously from across the street. Fed up of being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the bistro kitchen, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him.

Friday 6th May
STEVE AND MICHELLE REIGNITE THEIR PASSION With Amy’s help, Steve puts the finishing touches to his romantic dinner table. Amy finds Michelle in the Rovers back yard and telling her how much Steve loves her, leads her inside for her romantic dinner. Over dinner, Michelle admits to Steve how much she missed him while he was in Spain and how hurt she was that he seemed to have no interest in coming home. Steve assures her she’s everything to him and they kiss. Discussions are had about Liz planning to go to Spain as she can’t deal with the bad atmosphere in the run up to Tony’s funeral and the way Jason has been with her.
JASON FINDS COMFORT IN GEMMA’S ARMS Phelan arrives home to be confronted by Eileen with the damning video footage. Feigning surprise, Phelan makes out that he found all the receipts for the gear and realising it was all legit, sold it on Jason’s behalf. Eileen watches open-mouthed as Phelan hands over £2k in cash. Masking his growing suspicion, Todd apologises to Phelan for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Jason’s stunned to discover how much Tony has left him. Phelan’s interest is piqued and Todd notices. He confides in Billy that he reckons Phelan is after Jason’s money. After one drink too many, Jason makes an awkward pass at Eva.  When Eva turns him down Jason focuses his attention on Gemma instead.  Gemma’s thrilled and readily follows him home.
SARAH’S PARANOIA BECOMES CAUSE FOR CONCERN Jittery Sarah tells Kylie she reckons Harry can sense his dead father’s presence in the house and she needs to move away. Kylie does her best to calm her down.
ELSEWHERE Rana assures Zeedan she only flirted with other men to make him jealous. Flattered, Zeedan softens towards her. Caz corners Sophie in the pub and implores her not to take Kate from her. Sophie’s taken aback.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Coronation Street Weds 4th May episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. I bet you thought I'd forgotten! Apologies for my lateness- I was buried under uni work last night.

It's breakfast time at number 8 as Gail talks about her leaky taps. Jason is coming round to fix them later. As she pours her tea, Sarah comes dancing down the stairs, thrilled that Harry has finally slept the night right through. Seeing that her sister-in-law is in need of a break, Kylie invites Sarah to the salon for a free makeover. How lovely of her. Jason is still broken up over the sudden death of his dad but he gladly calls round to the Grannexe to fix the leaky taps as it was the last project he and Tony worked on together. It's Sarah who's got the problem with that room and we all know why. When Jason asks her to fetch some tools in for him, she can't control herself and goes into panic mode. Almost revealing all to Jason, she screams "He's in there". Jason is obviously confused but Sarah quickly gabbles something about Richard Hillman and how she's been having nightmares about him when Gail lands back and whisks Sarah off for her salon treatment.

"She's got a six week old baby. She's entitled to look scruffy"

Over at the salon, it seems that David and Kylie have managed to put Sarah at ease and she seems a lot calmer than earlier. All seems to be going well. Well- this is the Platt family. Not all can be going well.  Unfortunately, Gail was not on tap to babysit as she was off out on a shopping trip with Audrey so baby Harry is left in the hands of Uncle Nick. Oh dear. But before that, the mood is heightened even further when Gail and Audrey return from said shopping trip- the older of the two ladies having indulged in what she thinks is sophistication. In preparation for her grandson's wedding, Audrey has only gone and bought herself a most fascinating fascinator. The concurrent events at number 8 aren't quite as fascinating as Audrey's fascinator. That pesky brain damage is playing up again and Nick has the usual angry meltdown when Sarah asks why her baby is crying in the corner. When Sarah asks Nick if she can move back in with him, he angrily refuses- practically roaring at her he storms out and slams the door. Closing the episode, we Sarah turn on her leaky taps as she sits at the table and cries. She's a ticking time-bomb and I am most looking forward to the beginning of the end of the Callum conundrum.

Elsewhere, Sean has booked a holiday for himself and Billy as a surprise.  Unfortunately, Billy does not react to the news how Sean had hoped. He is dismayed. Sean has gone and booked this holiday without giving a second thought to Billy's work. Sean tries to justify his actions by insisting that they need a holiday. There's something deeper here though. Billy is undoubtedly worried about more than just getting time off from work. That's the secret of soap. Everyone has a secret. Earlier in the episode,  we see Lee- the street urchin who Billy has been giving money to- trying to hassle Steve out of some money.  Billy vaguely warns Steve of the dodgy character before chasing after him and we are still left guessing as to who this boy is.
"He demands money from people but he's not facing up to his real problems"

The wonderful comedy duo of Eileen and Tim are slacking off in the cab office when they hear nobody's favourite couple Kate and Caz having an argument in the flat upstairs. When Kate hears Caz's phone ringing, she decides to answer it and Caz's full name is revealed to be Caroline. How unlike her. It's her support officer and Caz is quick to shoo her girlfriend out of the flat before continuing her conversation. Obviously, Kate lingers at the door for a second and overhears the conversation.  Rather oddly, when the officer suggests she pay her a home visit, Caz abruptly refuses; it is out of the question for some reason. Kate can't help but question Caz on this later but the Not So Sweet Caroline typically turns the whole thing into a nonsensical row, playing the Sophie card. Because Sophie and Kate kissed. Once. Get over  it, Caroline. They patch things up and Caz agrees to finally forget about the kiss. Yeah, right.

"Hello. Caroline's phone"

To finish on a lighter note, comedy last night was provided by Tim and Eileen as well as the Nazirs. The garden fence war continues between the two ladies of numbers 4 and 6. Yasmeen is having Pat Phelan measure the garden for an extension, pushing it to the absolute limit in order to annoy a certain Mrs Metcalfe. She will get her orangery, come hell or Sally Metcalfe. When the hapless but loveable Tim mistakenly gives Eileen some advice on her telephone manner, the matriarchal Grimshaw accuses him of sticking his nose in, just like he stuck his nose into the sex life of Steve and Michelle. Clattering down on him like a ton of cobblestone bricks, Eileen tells him how Michelle is furious and cleverly uses the whole thing as an allegory for him to keep his trap shut.

"If your tips on keeping customers happy are anything like your advice on seduction,
we'd be bust in six months!"

A rather enjoyable episode with some fabulous comic moments. Eileen works particularly well well as a comedy character when paired with a man she can berate. Performance of the episode goes to Tina O'Brien as Sarah. I am excited to see that bomb go off.

Thanks for reading!


Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Queen’s birthday commercial filmed on Coronation Street

ITV has created a feature-length commercial to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Filmed entirely on the Coronation Street set at MediaCityUK, it will feature 11 high profile brands as well as a number of ITV presenters.

Prolific North reports that the ad-break takeover will be broadcast during a 2 and a half hour live show on Sunday 15th May, in the presence of The Queen.

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Job Vacancy: Assistant Editor Talent Pool at Coronation Street

Here's a job vacancy at Coronation Street, just in from

Assistant Editor Talent Pool – Coronation Street

We are currently looking for an Assistant Editor to join our Post Production team to provide operational and technical support to our AVID suites, our clients, freelancers and fellow members of staff.

You will play a crucial role in preparing edit suites technically prior to an edit, taking ownership of projects through all stages of post production, maintenance of editing equipment and ensuring all operational and technical faults are logged. In this client facing role, you will be the first point of contact for editors and our clients, so great communication skills and the ability to maintain good relationships and composure is key. You will proactively manage client expectations by feeding back any concerns and information to the Bookings Team.

As our Assistant Editor, you will be familiar with all post production processes with a working knowledge of workflows and broadcast requirements. You will have experience in working in a fast paced, ever changing post production environment. Our Edit Assistant will be a team player but will also have the ability to work autonomously seeing projects through to completion, and will have a sharp eye for detail.

ITV, where creativity, diversity and collaboration put us right at the heart of popular culture.

Closing Date – 22nd May 2016

Long and/or unusual hours are not uncommon and although normally scheduled in advance, short notice requests are required on occasions. The position will require working to the department’s schedules which may include some weekend working to meet production requirements

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Pics: Gemma gets her man in Coronation Street

Regular readers will know that I (Glenda) am a huge Gemma fan. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea but that vulnerability she's shown has really endeared her to me.  And the comedy dialogue she's been given has been great to watch too.
Tomorrow night, Friday 6 May, Gemma gets to grips with Jason.  Now then, we all know that Jason's going through torment at the moment after his dad Tony has just passed away. And Jason's struggling to cope. But Gemma doesn't know that, and so when Jason decides to cuddle up with Gemma, she thinks it means more than it really does.

I'm looking forward to this a lot. Ooh, I love a double Corrie on a Friday night.

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