Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Corrie comes out on top with 18 Inside Soap 2016 Nominations

Coronation Street tops the Inside Soap Awards 2016 Nominations today with 18, edging out rival Emmerdale by one.  The ceremony will be held on October 3 at the Hippodrome Casino in That London. Here's a full list of Corrie nominations as reported by The Mirror.

Best Actor:
Jack P Shepherd (David Platt)

Best Actress:
Paula Lane (Kylie Platt)
Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt)

Best Bad Girl:
Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow)

Best Bad Boy:
Connor McIntyre (Pat Phelan)

Funniest Female:
Patti Clare (Mary Taylor)

Funniest Male:
Joe Duttine (Tim Metcalfe)
Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald)

Best Newcomer:
Liam Bairstow (Alex Warner)
Shayne Ward (Aidan Connor)

Best Young Actor:
Elle Mulvaney (Amy Barlow)

Sexiest Male:
Shayne Ward (Aidan Connor)

Sexiest Female:
Kym Marsh (Michelle McDonald)

Best Partnership:
Sally Dynevor & Joe Duttine (Sally & Tim Metcalfe)

Best Show-Stopper:
The live episode

Best Shock Twist:
Kylie kills Callum!

Best Exit:
Sean Ward (Callum Logan)

Best Soap:
Coronation Street

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Cath Tyldsley hints at impending major fight

Catherine Tyldsley was featured on This Morning today and she revealed there's probably going to be an "explosive fight" between Eva and Maria Connor.  Eva, of course, doesn't know that her boyfriend, Aidan Connor, had a one night stand with Maria. Ever since her best friend, Kylie, died, Eva has been adrift and getting closer to Maria.  According to OK! online,  She told This Morning:

"Eva is unaware that Maria has slept with her boyfriend, Aidan Connor, and the two girls have struck up a close friendship.
Talking about the "awkward" storyline, Catherine said: "[It's] to the point where I'm getting the script and my toes are curling.
"It's getting SO cringey." 

The storyline will unfold over the next few months and the confrontation probably won't happen until the new year.

"I do believe it will be quite explosive - I can't wait!"

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 Sep

Weds 28th September

CATHY GETS HER BOYS BACK Detecting a frosty atmosphere between Cathy and Roy, Tyrone offers to drive Alex to Scotland. Cathy confides in Fiz about Alan being Alex’s father and admits she’s struggled to accept Alex since she discovered the truth. But when Roy’s Woody breaks down on the way to Inverness and Kevin is called out to rescue them, Cathy realises she’s made a mistake and seizes the opportunity to go with him and bring Roy and Alex home.

BILLY GIVES EILEEN FOOD FOR THOUGHT Eileen is gutted when she witnesses Billy refusing to give Todd the time of day. When Eileen makes an attempt to get Billy to forgive Todd for what he’s done, Billy warns Eileen that Todd has a hatred for Phelan and that she should be mindful of the mess she could be getting herself mixed up in. Will Eileen take heed of his advice?

MARIA GETS GRAVE NEWS ABOUT A FAMILY MEMBER Kirk visits Maria at home and tells her that a close family member is very unwell hasn’t got long left to live. Maria and Kirk are devastated by this shock news.

ELSEWHERE Sharif’s plan to get his hands on the money he needs has succeeded and he hands over a cheque to Alya. But where has this money come from and will Sharif have landed himself in even more hot water? Elsewhere Erica tricks Aadi and Asha into admitting to Dev where they’ve really been getting their flowers from. How will Dev react?

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Sept. 26 - 30

A bit late this week, I've been catching up after a bit of holiday time away.

Fashion oddity: Was Izzy really sporting a Star Trek look?

Firecracker award: You have to hand it to Audrey. She's willing to have a go in the side car *and* she's going to go stylish while she's at it! No ugly black helmet for her, it's going to be covered in an elegant scarf!

Soft spot award: Phelan isn't above bullying folk, but he seemed to stop short of actual violence where Vinny is more than happy to do it if he needs to.

Betrayal Award: Todd was the one that tipped off the Bishop about their living arrangements.

Musical ambiance: ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down" in the salon when Freddie was trying to apologize and explain to Audrey.

Secrets and Lies award: Guess what? Nigel isn't Alex's father, Cathy's late husband was. Just one more knife in the poor woman's heart!

Rock and a Hard Place: Alya knows the partial truth and now has to keep her grandfather's "mistake" from her grandmother.

Cow of the week: There were a few candidates for this one but I think Cathy has to take the crown. Rude to Roy, Shouting at Alex for no reason except she couldn't handle the truth and then, when Roy couldn't find the words to make her feel better, as if anyone could, she brushes him off.

Lines of the week: Todd "I'll get him all right. It's just a question of 'How?'"
 Sean "I can hold a grudge about as well as I can hold a tune"
Vinny "I despise violence" (says the man with a bag full of spanners)
Audrey "You know there's no instruction manual for mourning"
Norris to Roy "Many happy returns. Though in my experience, each return is a little less happy than the previous"
Mary "People would flock from all corners of the cul-de-sac to see my Hanging Gardens of Babylon"
Audrey "I'm a hair dresser, I'm not a plastic surgeon"
Tracy "Mary, go easy on the foliage. It doesn't grow on trees" (and she wasn't even intentionally making a joke, I don't think)
 Sally "I'm up to me ears in hashtags"
Rita to the paperboy statue "You know, for a minute there I thought that was Audrey Roberts in that sidecar"

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Oct 3-7

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 3 October to Friday 7 October

David’s beaten up, Eileen resigns from StreetCars, Tommy Orpington arrives (Who? Find out here!),  Rita goes out with Freddie, Sarah and Gary grow close.

The full weekly preview, with pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?

Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

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Tommy Orpington turns up in Corrie - find out all about him here

Next week on Coronation Street, Weatherfield County football player Tommy Orpington will tun up on the show. 

He hires Michelle as his wedding planner and she can't understand the fuss over Tommy that the lads are making. They're fan-struck, of course and it could be a good few scenes as they fawn over the footballer.

Tommy will be played by actor Matt Milburn. Matt played vet Nicky Pritchard in Emmerdale and starred in Heartbeat on Tour. He also played Joe Spencer in Hollyoaks. And he does a bit of modelling too.

He's the second ex-Emmerdale actor who's been signed up for the show since ex-Emmerdale Producer Kate Oates has taken over.   She brought in Paul Loughran (Butch Dingle) as Craig's dad Darryl. I do hope she signs up Charlie Hardwick (Val Pollard) asap too!

If I recall, I don't think we've met many other Weatherfield County players in Corrie before, have we? There was Wayne Farrell, Weatherfield County star striker who dated Raquel Wolstenhulme.  And Warren Baldwin played for County too, didn't he?

Find out all about Weatherfield County Football Club here.

Find out who else is joining, leaving or taking a break from Coronation Street here. 

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 26th September

The theme of tonight's episodes is secrets and lies. One is out in the open, one is half-revealed and one turns out not to be a secret at all.

Roy and Cathy bicker about whether or not they should tell Alex the truth about his biological father, and Roy takes him over to the allotment to look at potato blight, for Alex to share rather sweet memories of his "Uncle" Alan and to reveal to Roy that he's always known that Alan was his dad, but he didn't want to upset Cathy by telling her the truth. We find out that Alex is quite capable of lying: he told Gemma his soup injury was caused by rescuing a Staffie from a burning boat, which was about to go up "like a canine cannonball." Whether or not he is lying about going to Inverness to live with his mum is unclear. If it's a gambit, it doesn't pay off as Cathy takes out her anger towards her husband and sister by blaming it on Alex. She claims that if he had told her, she wouldn't have wasted her life on Alan, could've found a better man and be a mother herself. Roy accuses her of being irrational, she calls him an unemotional robot and he says they should spend some time apart. But whatever his parentage, as far as Alex is concerned, it's quite clear that Roy and Cathy are his real parents.

It's Beth's day in court, for which she is wearing her best hairband and leggings. Sinead wishes that she could attend, but it's Kirk whom Beth really wants there with her. After a heartfelt apology, she waits for him at the bus stop, but gets on the Wayfarer alone as he stands there watching her. Later, Craig shows his concern for the outcome of the hearing (£150 and community service) but still refuses to come home.

Alya chews out Sonia for the fling with Sharif, and, after finding out from Aidan that it would be too costly to make her designs by hand and that they would need some additional machinery, she decides to get her some of that free-rang egg money and blackmails her granddad for it. He, meanwhile, has his eye on a fictional flat for Sonia and, after finding out that he can't remortgage the house, goes about getting the money the traditional soap way of transferring it from the business account.
Ironically, Alya might have saved the family Nazir from bankruptcy since we all know that the development isn't really going ahead. Alya at least has the grace to look upset by her machinations, with her granddad at least, when she cuts Sinead out of the deal, promising her, as Aidan did in the previous episode, a desultory bonus, she looks like a stone-cold beyach, or in other words: the new Carla.

More blackmail goes on at the florist's as Asha and Aadi decide they're going to sell flowers outside the corner shop, telling Dev that it's a school project, oh and by the way can they have a note to explain why they haven't done their geography assignment, oh and can we have a kebab for tea? Their plan doesn't make much sense, they love manipulating Dev and insulting Erica, but at the same time, they tell Tracy they'll continue flogging bouquets until Tracy the Hut releases Princess Mary Organa? Given Mary's predilection for singing Edith Piaf whilst tidying the cards ("It's important to have a tidy rack"), I'd've thought Tracy would be desperate to get shot of her assistant. It also doesn't make much sense that Erica is playing Mary's stand-in; can't Dev cook his own children a meal every now and then? We know how much he loves salad cream.

Mary has also made a hit with Andy, who has decided he's going to write a vampire novel and, for some reason, shows it to Aidan. Neither he, Steph, Luke, or Zeedan are particularly impressed by Andy's horror fiction, but Mary thinks he is the next Stephen King.

And finally, a stroppy Michelle organises a meeting with Robert (who seems to have changed his Just For Men colour from Shade of Midnight to Chestnut Fox) about catering for a VIP client's wedding. Robert is unimpressed with said client's request for New Nordic cuisine, but then again is Robert really ever impressed by anything?

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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Corrie Weekly Update - Sept. 19 - 23

This week, the weekly summary is written by Richard Whitbread, a long time fan and Corrie update writer. He's filling in for Flaming Nora while she's on her holidays. Take it away, Richard!

Hi, some long term readers may remember me as I have been here before - but not for many years. It is a great honour to be allowed to sit in the naughty, sorry update, chair and I am working on the biscuits left by Glenda.

We ended last week with Pat Phelan being walked down the police station. When Eileen returns from the spa trip organised by Pat she tears into Todd as the police had come whilst she was enjoying the whirlpool! Anyway once again Pat has outsmarted Todd who leaves his mobile behind in the Rovers and Todd decides it is time to revert to his bad old ways, so he dumps the poncing in the flower shop and accepts Pat's offer to join the scam, particularly when the alternative was Vinny rubbing Todd out permanently, on the condition that Eileen and Jason are not ripped off. Pat has some nice new brochures and Todd is soon selling to everyone in sight - Rita should invest her savings, Sharif as an investment - he was walking along the Street with Sonia and she would like to live somewhere like that (!) but even Todd (who is living at home again) draws the line at the heavy sell with Alex, nothing however stops Pat. Pat tells Todd that Vinny will scarper with the deposits and take the blame but they will split the cash three ways and agrees Eileen / Jason will get their money back.

The Bishop phones "Mr Harrison" on Todd's mobile which Sean answers on the abandoned mobile in the Rovers. Sean apprises Billy that maybe Todd was the mystery parishioner and a quick check of the phone's call history proves the point. Billy dumps Todd (which leads to his about turn already reported) but he still questions his position with the church and continues his sabbatical. Eva (once again displaying her best assets) apologises to Sean and all is well again between them.

Kirk gives Beth some hope of a reconciliation and she will fight for her man. Later in the week we become aware that she has been charged with being a bigamist and will be going to court soon.

Alex is desperate to buy a Phelan flat and needs £15k deposit. Roy rightly refuses so Cathy goes to see Alex's father, Nigel, who shuts his door in her face. On Wednesday Cathy is desperate to see Nigel again and completely forgets Roy's birthday. She and Yasmeen manage to get into Nigel's house and whilst he has funded his daughters at University he has not supported Alex saying darkly that Cathy needs to look at the source of Alex's money - which turns out to be from the location where Cathy's husband and Nessa enjoyed their affair implying that Cathy's late husband is actually Alex's father. Cathy revisits Nigel and several things become clear - one that the lad is indeed the son of Cathy's late husband and Nessa, that Nigel forced the husband to fund a trust which is paying out - which is why Cathy's family finances never added up and that although he is not his son Nigel did love Alex. BTW what I cannot work out is why Cathy does not have £15k as she must have sold her house by now?

Anna, Ken and Alex suss that Cathy has forgotten Roy's birthday and arrange a "surprise" party for him (at the cafe) about which Roy knows. Everyone is invited but told to pretend that they do not know that Roy knows. Cathy is most surprised by the surprise party. Confused - you will be!

Sharif takes advantage of Yasmeen's absence to take advantage of Sonia in his marital bed. Both seem to enjoy the encounter although Sonia bad mouths Yasmeen which Sharif does not like. Later he comforts Sonia and apologises whilst she is washing up and he has his hand on her back when Alya thunders through the house and she sees that her father is being very familiar with the lodger. Alya later voices her suspicions that Sharif is flirting with Sonia to Zeedan {he does not believe her} and Rana (who has suddenly turned up), who does believe her. Alya takes it upon herself to tell Sonia that she is outstaying her welcome - being there longer than it takes for a fish to go off. Sonia then puts pressure on Sharif to invest in a flat for her. Subsequently Alya voices her concerns to Sharif and he tells Alya that it all happened many years ago when he made a small mistake and alleges he has been blackmailed by Sonia ever since (we know this is nonsense but Alya sort of swallows it). He also tells Alya that he is buying the flat for her but is using it to keep Sonia silent rather than ruin his marriage in the short term.

Aidan finds some underwear drawings in a filing cabinet but does not know their origin, although he reckons they might be good for sales. These were the ones put together by Alya and Sinead some months ago (Izzy was originally involved but she ducks out of any further involvement). Aidan talks Alya (who has also suddenly appeared again) into doing some more and perhaps some samples as he thinks he might have a customer and they could do good business. From nothing to two storylines at once for Alya. Aidan later offers Alya and Sinead £60 for the designs which sounds good to Sinead but Alya knows they are worth far more and accuses Aidan of ripping them off.

Freddie brings Audrey some flowers and apologises explaining about Angelica. Audrey feels that they should just be friends and nothing more. Freddie's face tells a different story. Later in the Rovers Kevin talks to Freddie and reminds him it is six months since his wife departed and perhaps he should not listen too much to Angelica. Kev and Ty get Freddie to have another go and he turns up in a sparkling motorbike and sidecar and whisks Audrey away to a country pub for a nice meal.

Dev and Erica are taking the children out and give Mary some time off. There is then a wonderful scene in Roy's Rolls where she insists on Tracy employing her green fingers as replacement for Todd as she has spare time. On Friday Mary is working at the shop and she asks Erica to cook dinner. Erica seems very concerned about this and tells Dev he has to sort Mary out. Aadi and Asha need help with their homework - where are the countries of Africa. Asha asks Erica who does not know whilst Aadi talks to Mary who walks him around the continent to remember the countries. Erica is also strict in not allowing Aadi a partwork as they are not good value for money and they decide Mary must return. The two children then refuse to eat chicken curry cooked by Erica and insist on fish fingers. Mary tells Erica off for feeding them fish fingers and tells Erica how much they enjoy chicken curry - so Erica does know that they were playing up. Dev sits Mary down with her contract and gets to read it - she realises she will have to give up her job at Preston's Petals.

Post the party Roy and Alex have to clean the cafe the following morning. Roy says the place needs a good bottoming and Alex wants to know why a deep clean is called that. Once Cathy returns from Nigel's she explains to Roy, who is not entirely understanding about her absence and he glances sadly at a picture of Hayley.

Which just about covers this week. See you all next week.

Credits - first to ITV many thanks for everything as without you there would be no Street to write about. Director this week was Sean Healy

Monday part 1      Martin Allen
Monday part 2      Mark Burt
Wednesday            Ellen Taylor
Friday part 1          Damon Rochefort
Friday part 2           Simon Crowther

For those who want more detail of Coronation Street I am part of a team which provides episode updates - find our reports in the Corriedays yahoo group. And if you are into podcasts then try Conversation Street - even Glenda was on it this week!

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