Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Sep 22-26

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.
Week of Monday 22 September to Friday 26 September

 Kevin returns and Tim’s not happy, Eileen’s furious with Todd, Neil starts a rooftop protest to get Andrea back, Michael’s not well and visits the doc.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on Corrie.net

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Andrea and Lloyd - Yay or Nay?

Storylines and characters come and go on Coronation Street. I like some of them, I dislike some of them. I probably like stories and characters that you don't like, yes you, reading this. And some of your favourites will be on my dislike list. 

Some storylines are dull and easily ignored and I thought Andrea and Lloyd might be one of them. But this romance fails on all fronts, for this Corrie fan, and it's bugged me into blogging.

There is zero chemistry between Andrea and Lloyd. They are not believable as a couple. Andrea's husband Neil is clearly mentally ill and going through some sort of breakdown over losing Andrea. It should not be funny, but it is, because anything that anyone does to split up Andrea and Lloyd and show them for the farce that they are, can only be applauded.

Now then, I love Lloyd, always have and always will.  Andrea seems okay but the two of them together just Does Not Work. And while I'm having a moan about Andrea, where's this mysterious child called Jess she keeps mentioning?

Come on, Corrie. Split these two up, Put Lloyd and Eileen together one drunken night in the Streetcars office where they have a heart-to-heart over Fat Brenda's gypsy creams and let Andrea go back to Neil. Please. 

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 15 September

There was such tragic news at the weekend that it really wouldn't do for there to be further bad canine related news on our favourite street. Unfortunately though, Simon overhears a conversation between Deirdre and Tracy. He thinks they are talking about getting rid of Eccles, when actually they are talking about the washing machine, that is almost dead. Simon dashes out of Deirdre's when he hears this.  Luckily, Sophie and Maddie are passing and see Simon looking brokenhearted. A plan is made to sneak Eccles, the little dog threatened by Tracy Barlow last week, with being put down for the savage attack which drew no blood whatsoever and barely a mark, on Tracy's mini me, Amy, to safety at number 4. Amy really is one who seems to be developing her mother's traits, at a frighteningly young age. She has, undeniably, a role model of the highest calibre.

Steve finally visits his dad Jim, and Jim is thrilled. He has wanted this for so long. Jim tells Steve he's missed Steve but Steve succeeds in moving the conversation away from the emotional and congratulates his dad on saving Peter and his new hero status. Of course, as yet, he knows nothing of his dad's landlord status.

Peter is back in prison after recovering in hospital and receives a visit from Jim, who tells Peter that he has had to shut up shop and that many of his customers are not happy which could spell trouble for Peter. Peter is determined to stop the drink now.

Mary has relationships on her mind. She warns Andrea who is twiddling her hair, that Lloyd finds it attractive now, but in a couple of years he will want to break her fingers. Mary tells Eva how lovely Jason is and how he adores her. She tells Eva to enjoy it while it lasts. Clearly, Julie is on her mind who, in Mary's head is supplanting her in Dev's affections. Mary describes Julie's flaxen hair and her big cow eyes so we are clear who she is talking about.

Mary also tells of her sporting prowess. 'I was champion shot- putter at school. Yasmeen is not surprised. She sees Mary lifting the kettle bells at the gym, as if they were marshmallows.

Andrea is keen to get the divorce ball rolling but Neil still feels he can win her back. He Elohim Barry White and wine, but it is Lloyd who turns up not Andrea. Lloyd, exhausted by Neil's persistence! Tries again to give up the fruitless chase. But, in an unexpected turn of events the police call at Lloyd's

Todd, for all his academic intelligence seems to incapable of employing reason and good sense to his doings. Does he really think that people will be duped by his tricks? He claims that he is trying to help, but has only succeeded in making things worse, by placing a banana in the exhaust and trying to frighten Tyrone. Todd really has pushed his luck now. 'We're done,' Jason tells him. 'Nobody wants you round here.'

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Coronation Street supports Manchester Dogs Home

Coronation Street stars took a "paws" from filming to parade their dogs on the cobbles in a show of support for the fire-ravaged Manchester Dogs Home.

The Manchester Evening News has a video and photo gallery of the cast, crew and canines.

Cast and crew members brought their pets to the Corrie studio set to raise money and awareness after at least 43 animals died in a suspected arson attack at the Harpurhey rehoming centre.

Among them was Georgia May Foote and her adorable cavalier/bichon frise cross, Marley, who was making friends with Samia Ghadie’s cute Maltese pooch, Sonny.

Georgia, 23, who plays Katy Armstrong, said: “When we heard about the fire it was awful. I couldn’t think of anything worse. If anything happened to my dog I’d be devastated, so it’s nice that everyone has come together to support it.”

The cause is especially close to Beverley Callard’s heart, having rescued her English bull terrier, Trev, from another rehoming charity three years ago. She said: “He had been stabbed, he had had both his hips broken with a baseball bat, he was in a really bad way, and apparently it took them about eight months to make him better. We gave him a home and he is just the softest boy in the whole world. I brought him down to the Rovers today because we were distraught when we heard about the fire. We’re just trying to help raise as much money as we can.”

Jack Shepherd, who plays David Platt, issued a grovelling apology after making a sick joke about the fire on Twitter, was not there but the actor has made a donation to the charity.

You can still donate to the MEN appeal online here or by texting MDOG57, followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10, to 70070.

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Rob does a runner on wedding day to Tracy

There are Coronation Street spoiler pictures in today's tabloids showing Rob doing a runner just before he is meant to be tying the knot.

The Express have got pictures here, have a look.

The Express reports that Marc Baylis, who plays Rob, was seen looking suave in a pair of black trousers, blazer and a white unbuttoned shirt which made up Rob's wedding suit. He's then seen in a phonebox making what the Express calls "a heartbreaking call" to Tracy.

But I wonder if that is who he is really phoning and if he has done a runner from his wedding, he could be making plans rather than apologising to Tracy-luv.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 15 Sep

Monday 15th September
CONNIVING TODD UPS THE ANTE. Jason begs Tyrone and Fiz to sort out their situation amicably rather than involving lawyers. Tyrone’s tempted until Todd puts in his two-penneth and antagonises Tyrone again. Jason’s furious with Todd. Desperate to make amends with his family Todd sneaks into the garage, what is he up to?
NEIL’S UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS. When Andrea tells Neil she’s started divorce proceedings, Neil threatens to take his own life. Worried he might do something stupid Lloyd uses Andrea’s keys and lets himself into the house to check on Neil, what will he find?
JIM TUGS AT STEVE’S HEART STRINGS. Peter returns to prison where Jim tells him to watch his back, because of his antics he can no longer supply alcohol and he’s made a lot of enemies. Meanwhile Steve visits Jim in prison and thanks him for saving Peter’s life. Jim’s thrilled to see his son, will the pair reconcile?
ELSEWHERE Maddie promises to help a distraught Simon rescue Eccles before Tracy gets her put down. Kylie lies to the doctor in order to get another prescription for Max’s medication.

Monday 15th September

TYRONE THINKS THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. When Tyrone discovers the garage unlocked and a car with all its doors open, lights flashing and music blaring out he’s bemused, especially when a quick search shows nothing is missing. Todd calls in suggesting Tony’s behind the break-in and is clearly trying to give him a message. But when Tyrone confronts Tony how will he react? Will Todd’s scam backfire? 
NEIL TURNS THE TABLES ON LLOYD. When Lloyd spots the wine glasses and candles laid out he realises Neil was trying to dupe Andrea into coming round by pretending he might take his own life. Disgusted he warns Neil to stay away. But Neil’s not going down without a fight and the police soon come knocking on Lloyd’s door.
STEVE SIDES WITH JIM AGAINST HIS MUM. Jim’s thrilled when Steve agrees to visit again with Amy despite his mum’s reservations.
ELSEWHERE With Simon’s help, Maddie and Sophie steal Eccles and hide her at no.4.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review and Exclusive Interview: 'Men at Work' - Gary and Owen Live

On Saturday 13 September, Ian Puleston-Davies and Mikey North, AKA Corrie’s Owen and Gary, travelled to Ireland to bring their Men at Work show to the Mill Theatre, Dundrum. Considering I have made a number of Corrie related expeditions to Manchester, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity of seeing two of its finest actors in my home town of Dublin. Brought to Ireland by Celtic Horizon Tours in conjunction with BCP Event Management, and described as a hosted interview in the first act, followed by a question and answer period in the second, I was very interested to see how the evening would unfold.

I caught up with Ian and Mikey before the show for an exclusive interview to find out what fans could expect, and how it all came about. Mikey explained how an invite to meet the fan club in Canada lead to a return visit to tour an actual show, and that there is now a third visit in the offing. Having successfully extended the tour to Ireland, there’s every hope that it could go even further afield.

Both Ian and Mikey were clearly excited and enthusiastic about the show and their natural banter and rapport, evident from the off, had me convinced that an entertaining and engaging evening lay ahead. While their on screen partnership always yields strong performances, there was no doubt that this chemistry is similarly potent off screen, with their humour, wit and natural and engaging repartee endearing them immensely.

But don’t be fooled into thinking their pairing as Owen and Gary replicates itself entirely, as Mikey reveals, “in actual fact, it’s kind of roles reversed because in real life he’s the big kid and I’m like the sensible one, I do everything for him when we’re away.”

Without wishing to give too much away, Ian told me, “the general spoiler is that we like to have a laugh”. As far as their favourite part of doing the show goes, Ian recalls watching Parkinson and imagining how much he’d enjoy being interviewed in such a scenario. The style of the evening allows him to experience just that, and he observes, “We’re quite anecdotal, which helps if you’re doing a chat show”.

Mikey acknowledges that for fans it’s not just about hearing stories about Coronation Street, but what goes on behind the scenes, and the camaraderie that occurs ‘backstage’. Ian added, “We like to think that the audience enjoy the silly banter that we have. That’s the dressing. But inside, the information is about the show, and the serious part is about how we prepare, and the filming.”

The serious element extends to Ian candidly discussing his diagnosis with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in 1995 and how he has coped since. Such is their friendship that Mikey is a great help to him in the event that he struggles on set or when they travel away together. Ian’s outlook is a very positive one however, and he is very eager to raise awareness of the nature of the disorder.

On the decision to embark on a show together Ian observes, “We get on, and our friendship kind of fitted with the idea that maybe it could work on stage.” And it most certainly does. Fans are guaranteed to enjoy their tales from behind the scenes, their experiences of Coronation Street, and stories concerning their past careers and lives outside the soap, but one additional and central pleasure of this show is most certainly watching and listening to the pair themselves. They are clearly two people who genuinely enjoy each other's company and have shared some fantastic memories. Mikey reveals that a lot of humorous things happen to Ian, they laugh a lot, and they want to share this with fans. Indeed, the mixture of funny stories and genuinely insightful information is a winning combination.

Also central to the success and enjoyment of this show is the manner in which the audience is welcomed into their world and made to feel part of it rather than outside observers looking in. The host for the evening, Shay Byrne, proved to be the ideal compere in fostering such conditions. His own wry sense of humour, relaxed demeanour and clear enjoyment of the show contributed to our pleasure and, together with Ian and Mikey, was central to the creation of a laid back, informal atmosphere which brought out the best in everyone.

This was borne out in the Q&A section of the show where audience members were clearly relaxed in asking their questions, and Ian and Mikey answered each one posed, replying with genuine and fitting interest, sincerity and appreciation.

In my interview with them before the show, they described this section as “masses of fun”, and appeared to enjoy the variety of questions audience members asked them. “It’s like a normal chat over a pint”, observes Ian, and having seen the show, I can testify to that. Ian and Mikey’s own enjoyment was clear, and evidenced by their genuine surprise when the first half had run over time, and regret when the second half came to a close. Their desire to include the audience as part of the show even extended to a group photograph at the very end which will be made available online.

The show was also very reasonably priced considering it lasted over two hours and offered such enjoyment and quality entertainment making it not just great value, but an absolute must see for any Corrie fan. I’m told that plans are being firmed up for an extension of the tour in Ireland early next year, and I can assure you that it’s not to be missed.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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A Reverse of Fortunes for Jason Grimshaw and David Platt.

It can't have gone unnoticed that the lives of two sets of brothers on Coronation Street have recently undergone a dramatic change of fortunes. Both the Platt household and the Grimshaw household are managed by single mothers who have both experienced serious difficulties in their lives. Both women have two sons and both women have one good one and one bad one. Of late, though they still have one good one and one bad one but the good one has become the bad one and the bad one has become the good one.

David's crimes are legion, including of late, trying very hard to wreck his brother Nick's business, by various means, including a huge unwanted consignment of olives. His main crime was trying to kill Nick in a road accident. Some may say he was justified in exacting revenge because David discovered that Nick had slept with Kylie when both were in a miserable and drunken state. But to try to kill your brother? Surely too harsh a revenge. 

Recently though, it has come to light, after Leanne challenged him, that Nick has been faking his episodes of rage, in order to gain sympathy. No doubt he did suffer brain damage after the murder attempt but Leanne rumbled him and his efforts to deceive people for his own advantage, until he cracked and confessed. 

So, the halo has fallen off Nick's head and David could be a worthy halo inheritor of late. He is a great husband to Kylie, a real source of strength for her, particularly in coping with Max, and is proving himself to be a terrific father to Max and Lily, clearly loving Max as his own. David is rational, calm, competent, loving and good fun. 

Fatherhood suits him well and gives him a purpose, a real purpose. Maybe now, David will remain the good brother. 

Jason has come of age. He is a genuinely good guy, who cares about his mum, his business and his girlfriend. Jason and Eva seem to be particularly well-suited. Deep affection is evident between the two of them and Eva has been great in supporting Jason through this terrible business of Tyrone's inadequate floorboards, his fall and his escaping the jaws of death. Eva does what she can to try to make things better for Jason. Jason did not have a clue that his brother Todd had instructed Gary to lay the unsuitable flooring. Jason yearns to be a trusted and dependable business owner, doing everything he can to achieve a good reputation ands build his business on good work and dependability. 

In the past Jason has been a bit of a ladies man, a bit flakey, a bit irresponsible, and has always been in the shadows of bright, academically gifted, refined spoken Todd - in short, Eileen's Golden boy.
But things change and so do people. It seems that Todd's life in London has changed him for the worse - and that very much so. He has what I would say is a veneer of self-confidence and is quick to put people down, in the hearing of others. He is quick, he is sharp, but he uses these characteristics, to  do nobody any good, especially himself, who is deeply unpopular. His arrogance and his apparent belief in his own superiority, does him no favours.at all. Nor does his treatment of the men he uses and abuses. He cheated on Marcus and was plain cruel to Sean. He also instructed Gary to lay the floorboards that were not suitable, in a bid to save a few quid. Todd is now in a lonely position. He craves the approval of Tony and now has anything but. He messed up a work opportunity too with Steve, who gave him a chance and he sneers at the inhabitants of Weatherfield, where, frankly, poor Todd is pretty friendless. - even his own mother can barely look at him.  

So, Jason inherits the halo from Todd and life looks bleak for Todd. Who would have predicted such a double turn around?    

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